The Outrageous Gift My Sugar Daddy Gave Me to Make Up For My Horrible Boyfriend: Part 1

For days, I was in tur­moil over break­ing up with my boyfriend, Kirk. It’s funny, when every­thing was fine between Kirk and me, I was happy with my sugar daddy, Keith. But now it seemed like I didn’t want to be happy unless they were both in my life. Kirk couldn’t deal with know­ing about my rela­tion­ship with Keith, and that con­stantly led to argu­ments. And, because Kirk couldn’t han­dle the fights, he would just disappear.

After I decided to leave Kirk, he called con­sis­tently and kept ask­ing peo­ple to speak some sense into me. I was hav­ing none of it. If free­dom was what he wanted, then that’s what he was going to have. He just didn’t like that I was attracted to older men.

Even­tu­ally, I slowly came around and started focus­ing my full atten­tion on Keith, like it was before I had met the other guy. His respect­ful ways and him con­stantly dot­ing on me made me won­der what my rea­son was for doing what I did in the first place; why did I need to cheat on him? Our late night phone calls started get­ting bet­ter, the romance was once more reignited, and it wasn’t long before I was com­pletely smit­ten with Keith once more.

That June, he told me that he had a friend named Tom who was a pilot, and that he had a flight to the island where I lived; Tom was stop­ping for the week­end and Keith would be send­ing some items for me with Tom. Keith told me that as much as he would’ve liked to come him­self, he was not able to make it because of demands at work. I told him to tell Tom to leave the pack­age with my girl­friend, Sasha, in the morn­ing and I would be down later to col­lect it.

I got to her apart­ment around 10 a.m., but Keith’s friend still had not arrived. Sasha and I sat and had break­fast. We chat­ted and as 10 a.m. passed, 11 a.m. passed, and noon came and went, I thought he must have lost his way.

I had no num­ber for his friend and had no clue what he looked like. Sasha and I went on the bal­cony to see if there was any­one who looked like he didn’t know where he was going, but there was no one near the gate.

Half an hour later my phone rang—the caller I.D. said “Pri­vate Number”—and the per­son said, “This is Tom. I was asked by Keith to drop this bag off and I need some directions.”

I gave Tom direc­tions to the apart­ment and fif­teen min­utes later, a black Mer­cedes Benz GL Class drove up. I caught a quick glimpse of a fair-skinned gen­tle­man in the car and when he called to let me know he was at the gate, I rushed down to col­lect my suit­case. As I got to the car, he drove a lit­tle away from the entrance and parked at the side. My jaw dropped when I saw that it was Keith. I just stood there, unable to speak. He looked so damn good, and smelled divine as always. “Get in! We’re head­ing to my friend’s villa to stay for a few days, and we’re going to stop by my brother’s place. Don’t worry about clothes. All you will need and more is already in the car.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening…