The Outrageous Gift My Sugar Daddy Gave Me to Make Up For My Horrible Boyfriend: Part 2

I com­posed myself and ran back in excit­edly to tell Sasha it was Keith and that I would be away for a few days. I should have known it was him, but he was so con­vinc­ing on the other end of the phone as “Tom.” He had done well to dis­guise his voice that I had no clue it was him, but it was a pleas­ant surprise.

I was so happy. My rela­tion­ship with Kirk was some­what behind me now, and me and Keith felt nor­mal again. Keith and I never got bored in each other’s com­pany and, although he got jeal­ous, we never really argued. We just couldn’t stop talk­ing and hold­ing hands as we drove. We stopped a few times to have coconut water and street food from ven­dors on the road­side, and some­times just to look at the scenery as we cud­dled. He had so many good qual­i­ties about him. With all his wealth, he had a way of mak­ing every­one com­fort­able. He didn’t flaunt his money and he would quickly strike up a con­ver­sa­tion with the com­mon man, as if he had known him for years.

As we drove through the coun­try, Keith asked if I had shaved down there. I didn’t answer, but instead, I lifted my dress and flashed him. He swerved from run­ning into the back of a pickup as he said, “F***ing hell!” He instantly had an erec­tion and as we drove, we found a lit­tle track where he pulled over. He slid my seat back and went down on me. We indulged for a few min­utes, filled with the excite­ment and thrill of get­ting caught.

It didn’t take us long to get to our first stop, his brother, Andrew’s, house. They almost looked like twins stand­ing together, and it seemed as if wealth ran in the fam­ily. Andrew was mar­ried and had three kids; how­ever, his wife and kids were abroad, so he was alone to get up to his antics. When we arrived, he had a young lady there that looked about 25.

I had met Andrew before and had been to his home many times, so we needed no intro­duc­tion. He and Keith had a rough rela­tion­ship and hardly got along, until I insisted that Keith be the big­ger per­son and try and make amends. Their rela­tion­ship had strug­gled for years, as Andrew absolutely hated Keith’s wife. He said he thought that she was self­ish and wanted every­thing to be about her. He told me she was never inter­ested in Keith’s chil­dren or even in try­ing to build a rela­tion­ship with them.

Andrew was also angry that she encour­aged Keith to put their mother in an old age home. In Andrew’s eyes, any­one else would have been bet­ter for his brother. That means between me and Keith’s wife, I was already a step ahead in Andrew’s eyes.