The Perfect Place to Make a Move on Your Hot Boss Without the Whole Office Finding Out

The May-December rela­tion­ship that had started to develop with my older man was just a flir­ta­tious and con­ver­sa­tional one; noth­ing was ever spo­ken about it going any fur­ther. And since Bran­don was 26 years my senior, I felt that I was com­fort­able with that. The last thing that I needed on my heavy school load was an office romance between me and a man­ager of the com­pany I worked for. Sure, nepo­tism in our com­pany was pretty much a given, but a rela­tion­ship and the drama that would fol­low was per­haps the last thing my com­pany needed to deal with.

Every year, every­one from the com­pany was eager to attend the annual hol­i­day party, filled with peo­ple for­mally over­dressed, an open bar, and music. It was the per­fect breed­ing ground for gos­sip, drama, and who knows, maybe even work­place hookups. To my excite­ment, this was the per­fect sit­u­a­tion for me and Bran­don to get a lit­tle cozy with one another.

What I wasn’t expect­ing was for Bran­don to bla­tantly flirt with me in a way that made me real­ize he was think­ing along the same lines, espe­cially in front of one of our co-workers. Bran­don had just openly admit­ted that he was sin­gle to insin­u­ate that he was a poten­tial can­di­date to be my date. Joanne, the other recep­tion­ist, seemed to come to some sort of con­clu­sion of her own. She looked over at the both of us, laughed, and said, “Well, if that wasn’t com­pletely obvi­ous, I don’t know what is!” Joanne looked over at Bran­don and winked. He let out one of his bois­ter­ous laughs.

I was speech­less and had no idea how to respond. A part of me wanted to be that con­fi­dent woman with a clever remark ready, and usu­ally I was. How­ever, this time I felt like I was in high school and the pop­u­lar jock just smiled at me. Flushed and embar­rassed, I just fol­lowed their laughs with one of my own and let out a sigh of relief as Bran­don and Joanne changed the subject.

Turn­ing in my chair, I imme­di­ately e-mailed Melinda, my best friend, about what had just hap­pened. It may have seemed insignif­i­cant, but to me, it was a def­i­nite turn­ing point. Whether or not he would ever admit it to him­self, I knew Bran­don liked me. And he liked me enough to flirt with a peon sec­re­tary where he was a promi­nent manager.

As the date of the hol­i­day party drew closer, I knew that I had to go. Not only to see first­hand what every­one was rav­ing about, but also to see Bran­don. And this was my chance to dress up for him. The first thing I needed was the per­fect dress, one that didn’t seem too dressy and flashy, but that def­i­nitely made a state­ment. I ended up going with a long-sleeve knee-length dress that fit tightly on my petite frame. It had sil­ver glit­ter through­out the entire dress and so I just acces­sorized with a pair of ear­rings. It was a lit­tle out of my bud­get, but real­iz­ing that it may serve as some sort of invest­ment, I forked over the plas­tic. Bran­don had bet­ter notice me and that was that.

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About Lena

I’d always dreamed of the perfect fairytale prince in storybooks—ready with money and status to come save me from my chaotic, average life and treat me like his princess. Add a 26-year age difference and I found the closest thing to it. Not everything comes as easy as we expect it to, but that’s what makes it all the more fun. At 18 years old, I experienced that “Mr. Right Now” love with a guy my age named Jared. Two years later, I met Brandon, my older man. Jared was the typical playboy who romanced my naïve younger self and made me fall hard for him. That relationship caused me to view love in an entirely different way than I previously had, and I’m actually glad it did. By the time I met Brandon, I had become wiser and more prepared for the reality of relationships. Even though at 20 years old I didn’t show the tell-tale signs of a smart, mature woman, that was exactly what I had become. I started as a part-time secretary for a highly respectable office, while juggling a full-time load of college courses at the local university. It was my first official job where I had to wear heels, pencil skirts, and an occasional suit. I was no longer the high-school girl that found “true love” after graduation and had her heart broken immediately after. The new woman I was now was confident and smart, and when I saw Brandon walk through the lobby door, I knew he’d be a challenge, one I was ready to accept. Now at 22, and Brandon at 48, we’ve managed to keep a two -year relationship feeling like the very first day we met—all the excitement and butterflies are still very much present.