The Perfect Valentine’s Day…and it Wasn’t with My Husband: Part 1

Beep beep;” the tone of my text mes­sage rang out loud and clear.

Happy Valentine’s Day, princess, the day has just begun. xxxxx”

I turned to look at the time—it was mid­night… Oh my god, he was so sweet and he remembered.

I think this is what attracted me to him more and more: his thought­ful ways. I mean, even my own hus­band would never acknowl­edge this at mid­night, never mind a total stranger. Come to think of it—where was my hus­band? Out as usual—nothing new.

I smiled and texted him back: “Thank you, my prince. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too. xoxo”

I rolled over and fell asleep. A huge smile on my face.

I woke up to my alarm clock sound­ing off. It was Feb­ru­ary 14th—Valentine’s Day. But in my house it was just another day.

All across the city and world, peo­ple would be buy­ing flow­ers and choco­lates and cel­e­brat­ing this happy occa­sion, whilst oth­ers like myself could only dream about it. After all, for us it only existed in our dreams and noth­ing more. My hus­band did not even bother to say it, never mind buy a sin­gle red rose.

I remem­ber in the past I would always seem to for­get some­thing and end up at the store and would see hordes of men buy­ing bunches of flow­ers and cards for their wives and girl­friends and I would just sigh and think, “Why not me?”

After the pas­sage of time, I stopped sigh­ing and imag­in­ing receiv­ing or cel­e­brat­ing Valentine’s Day; for me, it became just another day.

So, on this par­tic­u­lar Valentine’s Day, I head down­stairs and go about my usual routine…and then the phone rings.

It is my “prince” telling me to meet him in the evening if I can.

I am excited and know that in spite of my per­sonal life being non-existent, my fan­tasy life is indeed alive and well.

At least now I can look for­ward to some­thing rather than imag­in­ing it.

That evening I dressed up and headed to our usual meet­ing place. As I arrived and parked my car, I turned up the music and began singing. I was happy and I felt a lot bet­ter than I had in a very long time.

Just as I was drift­ing into singing, my car door opens and my prince is there; he holds the car door open. He has a huge smile on his face.

We walk towards his vehi­cle; it is gleam­ing white as always, clean as ever. His vehi­cle is always in immac­u­late condition—as if it is just off a show­room floor.

We sit inside and he presents me with a huge bou­quet of pink roses—my favorite color. My prince always gave me roses no mat­ter what the occa­sion was.

I booked us into a restau­rant down­town my princess. I am sure you will approve.”

Of course; you always pick the best.”

Din­ner was amaz­ing; we had the best table in the restau­rant and I truly felt like roy­alty. Dessert was deli­cious, along with the bal­lad sung espe­cially for me by a musi­cian at the restaurant.

I truly felt like every­thing was out of a movie-I just wished it would never end.

My prince turned to me… “Do you feel like a princess?”

Yes I do and so much more. Thank you for every­thing, I so appre­ci­ate it. Thank you for tonight. I have never had the chance to cel­e­brate Valentine’s Day like this before.”

For you, the world, my princess; you deserve the best always. Come let’s go for a walk out­side; the weather is nice out.”

I reach for his hand and we head out­side. There is a slight breeze, but oth­er­wise it is gor­geous out.

Some­times I could not believe I had some­one like my prince in my life. It felt like a dream. I had always imag­ined this, and now that it had hap­pened, it just felt so surreal.

Hand in hand, we walk together, and then my prince turns towards me and says, “I have a sur­prise for you.”

Really? Why; you have done so much already? The roses, the din­ner at the best restau­rant in town, ser­e­naded with a song—this was more than enough.”

My princess, noth­ing is ever enough for you.”

He reaches for my hand and then tells me to close my eyes. I oblige half excited and half curi­ous, as ever won­der­ing what will hap­pen next.

He puts a box in my hand and then tells me to open my eyes. I open them and in my palm is a red vel­vet box.

I gasp and don’t know what to say.

Open it, princess.”

I oblige, and inside is a key. I look up at him and say, “What is this?”

Come with me.” He leads me by the hand and takes me down the road and back to the car park­ing lot. I am won­der­ing what is going on.

Then we stop and he turns towards me and says, “Princess, this is for you.”

What is it?”

I look, but do not see anything.

My princess, look to your right.”

To Be Continued.…