The Perfect Valentine’s Day…and it Wasn’t with My Husband: Part 2

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I turn to my right and see a white vehi­cle with a red rib­bon across its bumper. We head towards it and I see it is gleam­ing white Escalade.

Sit inside, my princess.”

I nod; no words come out. I can’t speak—I am numb with shock.

Inside is all cream leather, it smells good, and hang­ing from the rear view mir­ror is a heart with pink Swarovski crys­tals spelling out “princess.”

Do you like it? What do you think? Is it truly just like your wish?”

Oh my god, just like I had dreamed about, just like my wish. It was an Escalade.

I had always dreamed about own­ing an Escalade and here it was—my dream had come true.

I was lost for words—did not know what to say.

Is this really for me?”

Yes, princess; I wanted to give you some­thing that you wished for.”

Wow; really, is this for me? This is too much—I can’t take this gift.”

You needed a new vehi­cle. So you may as well have this one.”

But it is still too much.”

Noth­ing is ever enough for you… Come, let’s go for a drive and grab a tea on the way. I will get my coffee.”

I start the engine, and I back out of the park­ing lot.

Thank you—this is truly the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.”

My plea­sure princess, and now you will never have a chance of being late.”

What do you mean?”

You have a talk­ing GPS; this will guide you wher­ever you want to go.”

I laugh; I was always late because I always seem to get lost, now I would be on time.

Look, I will show you.”

My prince punched in the address for our favorite tea place and the lady spoke: “Des­ti­na­tion 16 Ave NW, turn right.”

I laugh; “This is crazy.”

No, you have made me crazy.”

I smile and turn up the radio and look ahead. It felt so sur­real. Truly this is how a princess must feel and I was feel­ing it!

Inside though, I knew this was going to be short-lived.

Although this was a wish come true, what would I say to my hus­band about the Escalade? How would I explain where I got this brand new car from?

I felt nau­seous and kept churn­ing the thoughts around in my head. I mean, this was a brand new Escalade, not any old vehi­cle that I could make an excuse for.

It was a beau­ti­ful gift and a wish that had come true, but I could not just keep it and pre­tend it had just mag­i­cally appeared. I knew it was too good to be true. Fur­ther­more if I took it home right now, he would won­der where I got it from, espe­cially on Valentine’s Day.

So I turned to my prince and said: “Although this gift is beyond my wildest dreams, I can­not accept it; what will I say to my fam­ily and friends?”

Say what­ever, I will not take it back. This is for you and this is a gift. I can­not take it back; I will be offended.”

I was wor­ried, but I so wanted to keep this Escalade. Maybe I was being greedy, but when does one get a chance of a life­time to get an Escalade?

I did not know what to do and I was feel­ing anx­ious and wor­ried to say the least.

Princess, just make any old excuse, but keep this gift; I can­not take it back.”

But what shall I say; where did I get this from?”

I think you should say that you part exchanged your vehi­cle for an escalade. So your vehi­cle exchange was the down pay­ment and here­after you make monthly payments.”

This did sound a bit more con­vinc­ing. My hus­band did know that I had always wanted an Escalade.

But what if some­one asks for the paper­work, monthly breakdown—then what?”

I will get my accoun­tant to make you the paper­work, but why would some­one ask you anyway?”

I paused and stayed quiet; what could I say? I could not tell him that I had another life that he did not know about.

Princess, live in the moment, don’t stress about oth­ers. I told you—think about your­self first.”

I thought about it; he was right: this was my wish and it had come true. Why should I not keep it? Why did I have to worry about oth­ers all the time and espe­cially my hus­band who was never there for me any­way? Did I not always com­plain that I never got any­thing for Valentine’s Day?

Now that I had the gift of gifts, I was think­ing of return­ing it.

My prince, I am beyond astounded for this gift, but I can’t take it home tonight; let me take it tomor­row. Please just trust me on this. Also I have my other vehi­cle, so have to take care of that one, too.”

OK, princess. I can sense some­thing is trou­bling you. This is what we will do; I will call my dri­ver to take this Escalade and you can go home in your own vehi­cle. Tomor­row, I will get my dri­ver to pick up your vehi­cle and I will make sure you get a good price for it. You are then free to take your Escalade. Just remem­ber to trans­fer your reg­is­tra­tion to the Escalade. Keep the plate for the Escalade or can­cel and get a new one, choice is yours. I will get every­thing drawn up for you, don’t worry. You are a princess; leave the for­mal­i­ties of life to me. I do not want you stressed ever it, just remem­ber that.”

Thank you for every­thing. And for tak­ing care of me—no one has ever done that for me.”

I told you, my princess: for you the world, noth­ing less will do.”

I smiled; for once I was able to bestow my prob­lems on some­one else and not place a huge bur­den on myself and worry myself to death. It felt good and I wished it would be like this forever.

I had to start liv­ing a lit­tle for myself, and enjoy the moments. Life was too short to waste it on the neg­a­tive. I had spent a life­time wor­ry­ing about every­thing and still it had remained the same. Let’s see what would hap­pen if I stopped worrying!