The “Pretty Woman Treatment”: One of My Favorite Things About Being A Younger Woman Dating An Older Man

91383989The Stet­son man, my mar­ried older lover, and I had not been dat­ing too long when the new car I had just leased was broad­sided at an inter­sec­tion. A woman had tried rac­ing through a yel­low light and had hit the pas­sen­ger side of my car. Luck­ily, I was unhurt; how­ever, I was very upset that my new car was dam­aged. And then get­ting the news from the repair peo­ple about how it would take at least six weeks to just receive the repair parts made me feel worse. I relayed this infor­ma­tion to the Stet­son man, and he imme­di­ately sug­gested a trip to get my mind off the acci­dent. He told me to pack a bag because we would be leav­ing that after­noon for a week­end getaway.

We ended up in my favorite city: Las Vegas. The Stet­son man was only avail­able to spend Sat­ur­day and Sun­day with me, but in that time it was his desire to spoil me rot­ten, some­thing to which I was grow­ing accus­tomed. First thing Sat­ur­day morn­ing, he took me to the Escada store, where he perused every rack and dis­play shelf, pick­ing out items for me to try on. Once he had me in the dress­ing room with all my many items, he placed a chair near the three-angle mir­ror. He then sat in this chair and smiled as I tried on nearly every arti­cle of cloth­ing in the store. He never glanced at his watch, or asked me to hurry, or seemed to wish to be any­where but right where he was, watch­ing me. My ex-husbands, or the men I had dated close to my age, would be more con­cerned with find­ing a tele­vi­sion to check a score or watch a game, but not the Stet­son man. I believe he would have been per­fectly con­tent to sit in that chair as long as I was occu­pied with try­ing on clothing.

Every­thing in the Escada store is very expen­sive, but the Stet­son man had cho­sen sev­eral jacket and pant com­bi­na­tions, as well as sev­eral blouses. As I tried things on, he would ask if I liked them. If it was an item that had my approval, he would lay it near the chair. Even­tu­ally, I had tried on every item in that dress­ing room. Some had not fit well, and so he called in the on-staff seam­stress to pin them for tai­lor­ing. It was Sat­ur­day, and so I wasn’t sure how this would work. Would they ship them to me after they were tai­lored? Surely the Escada seam­stress was not going to be hem­ming pants for me in such a short amount of time on a Sat­ur­day. And yet, the Stet­son man instructed the staff to have the work com­pleted by five o’clock that after­noon, when we would be back to pick up the items. His inten­tion was for me to wear the suit to din­ner that evening.

This ser­vice was not some­thing I was used to, and it made me feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. The bill was well over $5,000, which may have been what pleased the Escada store enough to jus­tify hav­ing the tai­lor­ing com­pleted in that short period of time on a week­end. What­ever the rea­son for the prompt ser­vice, I was very happy and my mind was far away from the dam­aged vehi­cle I had back home. I enjoy being treated like roy­alty from my older man.