The Quickest Way to Recover From an Ugly Breakup with Your Rich Older Man

My older ex-boyfriend, Lex, started tak­ing care of me even bet­ter than before. It had been three years since we broke up, and he was act­ing like a changed man. He brought me a car and helped me to expand my busi­ness, but I still had no feel­ings toward him, and I think he saw it.

He was begin­ning to act like a stalker, want­ing me to take pho­tos wher­ever I was and send them to him when I was out with my girl­friends. Because of his pos­ses­sive­ness, I felt like I hardly had a chance to have a con­ver­sa­tion with them; I was always on the phone with him. Often­times, I’d hand the phone to them to reas­sure him that I really was out with my girl­friends. My friends hated Lex.

One day, he told me that he knew my every move. And that’s when I told him that I had no inter­est in mak­ing a rela­tion­ship work with him, because I felt like he was just a bit too dan­ger­ous for my lik­ing. I was start­ing to act very para­noid and I felt he wasn’t worth it, since I wasn’t even really in love with him any­more. Our rela­tion­ship finally faded and we both went our sep­a­rate ways.

I was alone once again and I buried myself in work­ing hard, but it was dif­fi­cult. I never really liked being alone; I liked the solace of a rela­tion­ship. I never con­sid­ered my rela­tion­ship with Lex a “relationship”—it was an agenda. I wanted to get back at him for leav­ing me all those years ago. So, when I met John six months later, there was noth­ing to get over about Lex.

John was 10 years older than me and he was that flashy, flam­boy­ant type of man who flaunted his wealth. Although, when I met him the first time, he was so calm and easy­go­ing. I remem­ber the first time he gave me his num­ber. I don’t think I was phys­i­cally attracted to him, but he had spo­ken to me so calmly and I liked that.

After about two days of hold­ing on to John’s num­ber, I decided to give him a call, and when he called back, we stayed on the phone for almost two hours. I could hear him in the back­ground speak­ing to his son and I admired their rela­tion­ship and the bond they had. It didn’t take long for me to visit his home and that’s when I met his son, who was vis­it­ing for the hol­i­days from the States. He was so respect­ful and well-mannered, none of which he got from his dad.

John was into almost any­thing that would make him legit­i­mate money, and he was suc­cess­ful at what­ever he did. In the ini­tial stages of our rela­tion­ship, he didn’t believe in giv­ing me money, until I gave him an ulti­ma­tum. I remem­ber years ago when my ex-sugar daddy, Keith, and I came to an end he said, “Who­ever you meet after me, make sure they’re doing more for you than I did. And if they’re not, then they’re not worth hang­ing on to.” I have car­ried that with me until this day.

John told me he was sin­gle, but I later found out that he was mar­ried. It turns out that he was the kind of man who did not like to be alone, but he didn’t know how to keep a woman either. He was ver­bally abu­sive and he was dis­re­spect­ful. He was unlike any­one I have ever come in con­tact with. He used his money to con­trol every­one around him, includ­ing me.