The Real Reason My Sugar Daddy Was So Interested in Getting to Know My Best Friend: Part 1

Here I was on vaca­tion with my new sugar daddy, the Greek God, rem­i­nisc­ing about my other sugar daddy back home, the Stet­son man. I had to stop com­par­ing the Greek God to the Stet­son man. I was away for a few days with the Greek God; I would enjoy this time with him and make the most of it. We had din­ner plans for the evening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as always, I was sure it would be a grand time. I would not allow myself to give the Stet­son man another thought, as least not until I needed to check in with him later in the evening. I couldn’t afford to get caught on this secret trip with the Greek God.

My instruc­tions were to meet the Greek God in the lounge area for drinks before din­ner.  I was wait­ing at the bar when he arrived. He approached the large open entry­way; I imme­di­ately thought about how hand­some he was. Then, sud­denly, I real­ized he was not wear­ing the same clothes that he had worn when he picked me up in the lim­ou­sine. I thought back to our hotel room. How could I have missed this? There was no addi­tional lug­gage in the room. Was he not stay­ing in the same room? I made a men­tal note. I had to focus on get­ting my mind off the Stet­son man and onto the mat­ters at hand.

The Greek God sat down next to me and ordered a drink. We exchanged pleas­antries. He apol­o­gized for the lit­tle amount of extra time he had to spend with me. He explained this was his life. He asked if I had a best friend and for me to tell him a bit about her. I told him about Tori, how we met, how close we were, and how much joy she brought my life. He asked me if she was trust­wor­thy. I assured him she was. He asked for a few exam­ples. I gave them. He then informed me that I could bring her along for any trip at his expense, and, of course, she would have her own accom­mo­da­tions. Nat­u­rally, I was so excited and I texted her imme­di­ately to inform her. I wasn’t exactly sure why he was ask­ing so many ques­tions about her, but by the end of this night, that would be the least of my wor­ries with the Greek God…