The Real Reason My Sugar Daddy Was So Interested in Getting to Know My Best Friend: Part 2

The Greek God and I talked at the bar for over an hour. It was easy con­ver­sa­tion. We were sched­uled to meet oth­ers for din­ner. His phone rang and he walked away from the bar area to take the call. I thought maybe his wife was phon­ing. The uneasi­ness set in. I watched him walk and talk until he was out of sight. The min­utes passed and I could not see him. Thoughts were rac­ing through my mind, most of them slanted to the neg­a­tive. Was there another woman, or rather women? Who was on the phone? Why was it tak­ing so long? I ordered another drink and attempted to talk myself out of the neg­a­tive thoughts that were rac­ing through my mind.

I didn’t want to com­pare the Greek God to the Stet­son man, and truth­fully, I could not.  I found com­par­ing the Greek God and the Stet­son man was about the same as com­par­ing Brad Pitt to Robin Williams. They were on dif­fer­ent planes. And, no, nei­ther the Stet­son man nor the Greek God fit Brad Pitt or Robin Williams.

About a half hour later, the Greek God casu­ally strolled back to the bar. He took his seat, ordered another cock­tail, and informed me he would be leav­ing shortly. He handed me a busi­ness card and a thick enve­lope. He was apol­o­giz­ing for his early depar­ture and assur­ing me his life was not always this hectic.

He asked to see me again, although he didn’t pro­vide any times, dates, or loca­tions. He told me the enve­lope con­tained plenty of cash to spend over the next few days. The busi­ness card was for his per­sonal travel exec­u­tive. He told me I should phone this per­son for future travel arrange­ments for Tori and I.

His phone was ring­ing the entire time we were speak­ing. He con­tin­ued to hit the silence but­ton. He leaned into me and gen­tly brushed my lips with a kiss. It half took my breath away. I would have to be very care­ful not to fall in love with this man; I wasn’t always good at dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing between love and lust. I smiled. The Greek God rose from the bar and walked out the large entry­way again.