The Scandalous Affair I Didn’t Know I Was Having with a Rich Older Man: Part 2

Chad and Lex didn’t know about each other. And I always thought I’d be in the clear because they didn’t know each other. They may have seen each other around, but since Lex was less likely to be in the same crowd as Chad, the men weren’t friends or even mere acquaintances.

Although I was no longer in love with Lex, he had his posi­tion in my life, and in that instant, I saw it all crum­bling down around me. As I broke down uncon­trol­lably, Chad thought I was cry­ing over him. But really, I was cry­ing about my life back home, about the fact that Chad was mar­ried, about the fact that I had just been caught and all the ben­e­fits would stop. Lex’s money paid for every­thing, and now he knew what I had been doing with his money.

I stum­bled out of the car in a daze. I asked my friend Shyon to call Lex and try to con­vince him that I loved him. I even wrote to him a let­ter and asked her to give it to him. I begged her to call him and when she did, I told her to ask him to come back to the apart­ment. He did, and when I gave her the let­ter to pass on to him, I begged her to ask him to for­give me. I even promised that I would pay her. I later found out that she was the one who had told him everything.

Shyon went out­side with the let­ter and she was in the car with him for almost an hour. I was inside think­ing that all was going well, until she came back in and said it was over, that he didn’t want to have any­thing to do with me.

Mean­while, Chad and I were not in a good posi­tion either. I had no way of pay­ing my bills and I heard from a girl­friend of mine that she had run into Chad and he hit on her. In a des­per­ate attempt to try and save my rela­tion­ship with him, I delib­er­ately invited her over, and when Chad called to talk, I told him to come over. I ensured that she was out­side with me so that when he pulled up, they would see each other.

I didn’t know you two knew each other,” he said.

Well, obvi­ously we do,” I replied. “So how do you two know each other?” I asked.

He started explain­ing that he had no inter­est in her at all. He had heard that she was easy and was upset about what hap­pened with me, so he chat­ted her up to try and make him­self feel bet­ter. Chad told her point blank that he loved me and wanted me, and that he was only inter­ested in hook­ing up with her. Although I still felt like what he did was wrong, it gave me a glim­mer of hope that maybe I could still sal­vage my rela­tion­ship with him.