The Scandalous Secret to a Successful Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Relationship

My life was bliss­ful; every day felt as if I was float­ing. Between my two sugar dad­dies, I was hav­ing my cake and I was eat­ing it, too. I had two men that loved me and from what it seemed, Kirk was being faith­ful, and as far as Keith was con­cerned, I was a princess in his eyes.

The fact of the mat­ter was that I was young and my rela­tion­ship with my older man, Keith, although excit­ing, made me feel like I was grow­ing up too fast. I felt like a wife and I wanted to explore a bit more; it was just too much of a com­mit­ment to some­one who had already lived his life and expe­ri­enced what he needed to. My life with Keith was becom­ing too much of a rou­tine. That’s why I needed my sec­ond sugar daddy, Kirk.

Kirk and I had argu­ments, heated ones that would usu­ally end in crazy wild sex. We would be ran­dom and stop in the mid­dle of the night dur­ing long coun­try trips and have sex right there in the open coun­try air. That sort of spon­ta­neous behav­ior excited me. He was gor­geous to look at naked and the fact that he had a suc­cess­ful career made him even more appeal­ing. I used to love watch­ing him walk in front of me while women stared and I used to tell him to speak to them and take their num­bers, just to see the power he had. When we’d get back to his place, we would have crazy sex and talk dirty about the women he met.

Keith’s absence—he was in Eng­land with his wife most of the time—gave me the free­dom to roam around with Kirk and I was not hid­ing him. We had both kept our rela­tion­ships pri­vate from our par­ents, as fam­i­lies tend to com­pli­cate things and make them more offi­cial. That all changed when Kirk finally sug­gested I meet his mom, dad, and sis­ters, which I was not very keen on doing. But I agreed.

Moth­ers can be quite judg­men­tal when it comes to their sons; no one is ever good enough, and when I met Keith’s mother, that’s exactly how I felt. She later apol­o­gized and con­fessed to me that Kirk was always wild, so she made it her duty to stay away from his women, since they never lasted; he always had a new one every week. She thought I was just another one of his flings and she didn’t want to form a bond with any­one he wasn’t going to keep around.

She and I even­tu­ally grew close and Keith and I often went to her home for din­ner. In fact, we got so close that when he and I had issues in our rela­tion­ship, she was the first per­son I turned to.

Dur­ing this time, I think my rela­tion­ship with Keith was being ignored men­tally. We stayed in con­tact and I showed no signs of my affair with Kirk, but men­tally, I wasn’t there. I had got­ten so accus­tomed to the lifestyle I had with Keith and I felt such a strong sense of oblig­a­tion to him that I did not want to let him go. I wanted them both; they both had their pur­pose in my life. As hor­ri­ble as I may sound, I do have a con­science and I didn’t want to hurt Keith. He had invested a lot of time and money, not to men­tion his heart, in me. So, I con­tin­ued to pur­sue my dou­ble life as long as I could. Unfor­tu­nately, it would even­tu­ally catch up to me.