The Sexy Age Gap Dating Trick to Get Ahead (and on Top) of Any Man You Want

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Trick to Get AheadSome­times it can be hard to get an older man’s atten­tion, espe­cially if you’re not meet­ing in a typ­i­cal sce­nario, like a bar. But there’s a trick that has now been sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to work.

Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can con­quer the world.” Turns out the iconic sex sym­bol was really on to some­thing, because a new study out of France has shown that wear­ing high heels actu­ally does give women more power over men. Ladies, take notes, because these find­ings can def­i­nitely help you get ahead in age gap dating.

For one part of the study, which was pub­lished online in the Archives of Sex­ual Behav­ior, young women wore heels with vary­ing heights and asked men on the street between the ages of 25 and 50 to answer sur­vey ques­tions. The women wear­ing rel­a­tively flat shoes (0.2-inch heel) got a 46.7% answer rate and medium heels (two inches high) got a 63% answer rate. But what was most sur­pris­ing was that the high­est heel (3.5 inches) got an incred­i­ble 83% answer rate.

The same trend was seen in other sit­u­a­tions as well. Accord­ing to other find­ings from this study, women wear­ing heels in a bar set­ting get picked up by a man twice as fast com­pared to women wear­ing flat­ter shoes. And when you drop a glove out­side on the street, there’s a much bet­ter chance—almost 50%—that a man will pick it up for you if you’re rock­ing a pair of high-heeled shoes. This all just goes to show that if you really want to get noticed in age gap dat­ing, heels are a good start.

As the study’s author points out, wear­ing high heels “exerts a pow­er­ful effect on men’s behav­ior,” adding that, “Sim­ply put, they make women more beau­ti­ful.” Some might dis­agree with that state­ment, but a 2012 study proved the same thing—women were rated as being more attrac­tive and fem­i­nine when they wore heels, thanks to shorter strides and more swing­ing of the hips when they walked.

In the scope of age gap dat­ing, you can use that to your advan­tage. For starters, it’s hard not to feel sexy and empow­ered when you slip on a hot new pair of stilet­tos. Wear­ing heels not only makes a woman look taller and slim­mer, but it gives off an air of con­fi­dence and sex­u­al­ity, and that’s some­thing a lot of men will find very attractive.


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