The Shocking Number of Fathers Who Date Younger Women

SugarDaddyWe know dat­ing a sugar daddy is much more com­mon among younger women today than it was a decade ago. But you may be sur­prised to hear just how many men are turn­ing to the sugar daddy lifestyle—and how young they’re will­ing to go.

In fact, three quar­ters of sugar dad­dies (74%) are either dat­ing or have dated a woman that’s at least 20 years their junior, accord­ing to a sur­vey of 1,800 male mem­bers of a sugar daddy web site. That’s expected with sugar daddy rela­tion­ships. But what’s even more inter­est­ing is that 70% of the male par­tic­i­pants are actu­ally fathers, and nearly half (42%) of these fathers admit that they do have rela­tion­ships with younger women, or with women who are in the same age range as their own daughters.

Ever won­dered how these daughters—or even sons for that matter—feel about their father being a sugar daddy? It turns out that only 32% of sugar dad­dies have ever told their kids about their inti­mate rela­tion­ships with younger women.

These sur­vey results are a clear indi­ca­tion that, for a lot of older men, being a father doesn’t really influ­ence their deci­sion to be a sugar daddy too. A lot of sugar dad­dies have already mar­ried and had kids of their own—they’re not look­ing to set­tle down and do the fam­ily thing all over again. Kids or no kids, most sugar dad­dies are just look­ing for some­one they can have a good time with, whether it’s a romp in the sack or spoil­ing them with expen­sive gifts. All they need is a sugar baby who is will­ing to par­tic­i­pate, even if that means dip­ping their toes into a pool of even younger women.

What do you think: Would you be OK with your dad dat­ing a woman who was closer to you in age?

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