The Sneaky Trick I Used to Make a Rich Older Man Absolutely Infatuated with Me

The entirety of my sum­mer revolved around sur­prise vis­its from Bran­don, a much older man­ager and co-worker of mine, at the office. And then there were the nerve-wracking dri­ves towards his office. Flirty com­pli­ments were given, mainly on his part.

One day, I was pre­tend­ing to not notice Bran­don as he watched me make copies and stack them back where they belonged. I felt his eyes on me, which made me more self-conscious than usual. Why was I let­ting him get to me? This was just a flirty game between us but he won every time.

Good morn­ing. How’s my favorite per­son this morning?”

I wasn’t fooled; this was his famous line with all the women in the office includ­ing Melinda. I fol­lowed it with a play­ful roll of my eyes and a smile. “Hi Bran­don. Aren’t you just happy this morn­ing?” It was true, he was always happy; never did I ever catch him on a bad day, because they just never existed for him.

Oh, well of course! How can I not be happy? He blesses us every day,” he said as he pointed up.

Bran­don was a Chris­t­ian, which made me even more con­fused about what to make of him. He had the look of your typ­i­cal playboy/bad boy, but then he was a man of God? The three just didn’t come together and if they did, well then Bran­don was the first to pull it off in an attrac­tive way.

There were times that I didn’t believe that he was really a Chris­t­ian man, I fig­ured it was just a way to attract the women and it looked like it was work­ing in his favor. But then there were times that he would put aside his usual flirty per­sona and pro­foundly delve into the truths he found the night before while read­ing the Bible. As an Anthro­pol­ogy major, I would usu­ally just smile politely and feign inter­est, but I was still so fas­ci­nated with the man declar­ing his pas­sion for the scrip­tures he recited per ver­ba­tim to me. I didn’t believe in the Bible, let alone in the fact that there was even a God.

My ideals weren’t exactly Athe­ist, but I did believe in free­dom of reli­gion and there didn’t exist a right or wrong. But I didn’t look too deep into our incom­pat­i­bil­ity. Bran­don was a good man from what I could tell and I had a very open mind. Besides, what I was look­ing for in Bran­don wasn’t a long-term rela­tion­ship that led to mar­riage. I wanted a good time and he was the per­fect one to show it to me. Regard­less of his self-proclaimed faith, I was going to break down his defenses and get him to pur­sue me as much as I was pur­su­ing him.

Yeah, that’s true, we’re lucky to have another day.” I smiled back, tak­ing a quote from my mom’s book. Whether or not I felt it, he didn’t have to know. It seemed that I said the right thing though, because he grinned back. My plan was work­ing perfectly.

Exactly, that’s what I like to hear! So, how have you been? How’s school going?” he always seemed gen­uinely inter­ested, but I did notice that he would ask me the same ques­tion, as if he didn’t remem­ber that we spoke about the same exact thing a day ago. I took it as him just not being as inter­ested about me as I was of him, which was no problem—I was going to change that soon. Just how, I wasn’t sure yet.

Becom­ing more and more aware of our age dif­fer­ence, I started to act dif­fer­ently around Bran­don. After hav­ing my age pointed out by Becky—Brandon’s employee who I fig­ured had a soft spot for him—I tried harder to act older than what I really was. Where my face betrayed my pur­pose, my body cer­tainly didn’t. I had a curvy pear-shaped body and was always get­ting com­pli­ments on my lower back from men and women alike. So, I knew I had some arse­nal, and sure enough, it soon worked in my favor.