The Strange Agreement Johnny Depp Made with His Younger Girlfriend, Amber Heard

Sugar Daddy Johnny Depp And Amber HeardPeo­ple were def­i­nitely sur­prised when 50-year-old Johnny Depp started dat­ing his The Rum Diary co-star, 27-year-old Amber Heard, but it wasn’t just because of the celebrity couple’s 23-year age dif­fer­ence. Before dat­ing Depp, Heard was in a long-term rela­tion­ship with a woman, pho­tog­ra­pher Tasya van Ree. Heard has recently become more open about her bisex­u­al­ity, admit­ting that she’s proud of not hid­ing who she really is. “I’ve had many rela­tion­ships through­out my adult life, and I’ve never been ashamed of any of them,” said Heard. “I’m not hid­ing from anyone.”

That includes not hid­ing any­thing from the older man she’s dat­ing now. Depp is said to not only have accepted his younger woman’s sex­u­al­ity, but is even embrac­ing it in an attempt to strengthen their May-December rela­tion­ship. Depp report­edly has a deal with Heard that she can explore her sex­u­al­ity with women, but on one con­di­tion. “Johnny always knew this aspect of her life was impor­tant and he says as long as she makes it clear he’s her num­ber one, she can do what­ever she likes. It’s lib­er­at­ing for both of them,” a source dished to Look mag­a­zine. It’s this deal that has appar­ently made this celebrity couple’s May-December rela­tion­ship so solid.

Accord­ing to the insider, Heard has always been open with Depp about her inter­est in women and that she can’t change the fact that she’s bisex­ual. “He has now promised her it’s fine if she has some­one on the side, as long as they’re the same sex.”

What do you think: Can this type of arrange­ment actu­ally help a May-December rela­tion­ship, or are Johnny Depp and Amber Heard just set­ting them­selves up for a breakup?


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Photo Credit: cin­e­mafes­ti­val / (Johnny Depp), Fea­ture­flash / (Amber Heard)

  • Joe Davis

    Every­body breaks up even­tu­ally. Death do part us all if noth­ing else does.

  • Amagi

    Ridicu­lous. If he is OK with her hav­ing other sex­ual rela­tion­ships, what dif­fer­ence does the gen­der make? Appar­ently, he isn’t as secure in his mas­culin­ity as one would be led to believe.

    • Bobo_Vision

      Know­ing your girl­friend is hav­ing sex with chicks is a turn on. Espe­cially if she comes home for the D. Know whatem sayin’?

  • Tony John­son

    I have a deal too — explore your sex­u­al­ity with your girl and me at the same time…

  • Louis E.

    Surely this rela­tion­ship is more May-September than May-December?

  • dena

    Give me a break!!! Grow the fu@! Up!! You have your fun in your teens & twen­ties but as you get older that’s when shit is sup­posed to be real & mature. That’s why an age gap like theirs is insane!!! any nor­mal cou­ple that is seri­ous will be faith­ful to each other & have a great rela­tion­ship not only as lovers but as best friends all this other crap is just childish.#sooverrated