The Surprise Escorts My Sugar Daddy Brought Along For Our Secret Weekend Getaway: Part 2

The Greek God seemed very com­fort­able with this lim­ou­sine full of men and me. He made brief intro­duc­tions, first names only, and went right into full busi­ness meet­ing mode. I sat qui­etly, lis­ten­ing for any­thing that might pro­vide insight to this man. Truth­fully, I was just start­ing to sober up, so noth­ing really stuck with me. I could not fig­ure out why he would come to the air­port to retrieve me with a lim­ou­sine full of busi­ness­men. Was this some sort of a power play?

The Greek God owned  a ball team and I had met many play­ers at par­ties; it was obvi­ous these men were too old to be cur­rent play­ers. They were dressed in suits and looked like busi­ness part­ners or associates.

Before we arrived at our des­ti­na­tion, my phone rang. It was the Stet­son man. I’m sure he was check­ing in to see if I had safely arrived at Tori’s—I had lied and told him that I was going to visit my best friend, Tori, because she was going through some med­ical issues.

I so des­per­ately wanted to answer the phone and tell the Stet­son man, my orig­i­nal sugar daddy, to come res­cue me, to love me and to marry me. I wanted to tell him, at the very least, to go back to the way things were between us. Instead, I reached into my bag and hit the silence but­ton. I apol­o­gized to the limo full of men and they went back to their con­ver­sa­tion. It seemed like the longest limo ride ever.

We finally made it to the hotel. We pulled in and the Greek God and I both got out. My lug­gage was directed to his room. The Greek God handed me a room key and told me to be ready for din­ner in a few hours. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and with that, he was back in the car with his busi­ness asso­ciates. I was relieved to be at the hotel and finally alone.

I arrived in the room, grabbed a huge bot­tle of water, and took some Tylenol. I made a men­tal note: no more drink­ing before meet­ing the Greek God. I was sure he was less than happy with me right now. I called Tori to be sure she had not received any calls of con­cern from the Stet­son man. She assured me she had heard noth­ing. She wanted to hear about the limo ride, but I just wanted to hear the Stet­son man’s voice. I hung up with Tori and called him as quickly as I could.