The Surprising Fantasy That Many Sugar Babies Still Have in the Bedroom


It’s been just over a year since the frenzy sparked over the racy Fifty Shades of Grey books, and they’ve since received both praise and slack for their con­tent. The books are about the explic­itly sex­ual rela­tion­ship between a rich busi­ness­man, Chris­t­ian Grey, and a young woman fresh out of col­lege, Anas­ta­sia Steele, and include erotic scenes of bondage, dom­i­nance, and masochism.

The books arguably changed the way peo­ple, espe­cially women, think about sex, and it got a lot of peo­ple talk­ing about what they really want in the bed­room. And since sex is such a big part of many sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ships, the story proved to set an exam­ple for what younger women want out of their sex life. A pop­u­lar sugar daddy match­mak­ing web site found last year, fol­low­ing the release of the books, that 186,000 of its sugar baby mem­bers were look­ing for that kind of a relationship—they wanted a dom­i­nant man just like Chris­t­ian Grey. The infat­u­a­tion with the Fifty Shades fan­tasy hasn’t dimin­ished because, since then, that num­ber has almost dou­bled, with over 263,000 sugar babies admit­ting that they’re look­ing for a dom­i­nant sugar daddy, espe­cially one that takes charge when it comes to sex.

Fur­ther­more, the match­mak­ing web site found that, after the books were released, more young women were flock­ing to the site in the hopes of find­ing a sex­ual rela­tion­ship like the one in the books. In fact, over 98,000 pro­files men­tioned “Chris­t­ian Grey,” “Anas­ta­sia Steele,” or “Fifty Shades” in their pro­files. With the upcom­ing release of the film adap­ta­tion, those num­bers are likely to get even higher.

This just goes to show that many young women are intrigued by the idea of being with a rich, pow­er­ful older man who can take care of them in every way pos­si­ble, includ­ing finan­cially and sex­u­ally. Sugar daddy/sugar baby rela­tion­ships aren’t as taboo as they were once upon a time, and it’s pretty clear that more and more young women are begin­ning to real­ize that it does come with its advantages.

What do you think: Would you open to a Fifty Shades rela­tion­ship with your sugar daddy?


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