The Top 5 Places to Meet a Sugar Daddy: Part 1

Top 5 Places to Meet a Sugar DaddySo, you want to be a sugar baby? Excel­lent! Now all you need to do is find your sugar daddy. But, you are prob­a­bly ask­ing your­self: where are the best places to meet a sugar daddy? To increase your chances of find­ing a sugar daddy, your best bet would be to relo­cate to a finan­cially healthy met­ro­pol­i­tan city. It’s going to be pretty tough to find a sugar daddy if you live in an eco­nom­i­cally chal­lenged city. And in the cur­rent eco­nomic cli­mate, there are a lot of large cities strug­gling to get by.

If you’re in the United States and you want to find a sugar daddy, Atlanta is the best place to start, with almost six rich, older men for every 1,000 adult males. If you’re in Canada, Van­cou­ver has 3.86 sugar dad­dies for every 1,000 adult males; Toronto, Edmon­ton, Cal­gary, and Mon­treal round out the top five.

Those sugar babies liv­ing down under should head over to Bris­bane, where there are 3.49 sugar dad­dies per 1,000 adult males. Your other options are to head over to Mel­bourne, Syd­ney, Ade­laide, or Perth.

You need to know who to look out for, too, because the face of the mod­ern sugar daddy is chang­ing. Today’s sugar daddy is no longer a mil­lion­aire set in retire­ment. He’s a much younger mil­lion­aire look­ing for the same things as every­one else: to find a young, intel­li­gent, cre­ative, out­go­ing, vibrant, beau­ti­ful, sexy woman he can lav­ish and con­nect with.

The mod­ern Amer­i­can sugar daddy, at least in Atlanta, is about 39 years old, earns just over $360,000, and spends around $3,644 a month on his sugar baby. Cur­rently, the aver­age sugar daddy in Canada is 38 years old, makes about $271,000, and helps out his sugar baby with $4,300 per month. Sugar dad­dies in Aus­tralia aver­age 40 years of age and earn approx­i­mately $223,679 annu­ally. Sugar babies down under can look for­ward to tak­ing home over $3,500 per month.

If you’re look­ing to snag a sugar daddy, you’ll need more than just the name of a city. You need geo­graphic details; postal codes mat­ter. Because snag­ging a sugar daddy is more about get­ting gifts than orgasms, you need to find out where the rich play. This week, we’ll be cov­er­ing the five best places to meet your future sugar daddy. Stay tuned!

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