The Top 5 Places to Meet a Sugar Daddy: Part 2

Art Auc­tions

If you’re look­ing to bump into a sugar daddy with more than enough cash to throw around, you might want to pen­cil in a flight to New York City in May and/or September.

With Mod­ern and Impres­sion­ist art by some of the finest artists (think Cézanne, Monet, Degas, and Modigliani pieces that reg­u­larly fetch more than $30.0 mil­lion) New York City is the place to be for the spring and fall art auc­tion seasons.

Not a fan of art? Auc­tion houses in vir­tu­ally every major city also hold a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent sales through­out the year, includ­ing fine wines, jew­elry, rare books, pho­tog­ra­phy, and fine furniture.

While no two sugar dad­dies are alike, it should be easy to spot a poten­tial tar­get. Look for smartly dressed men stand­ing alone—nice shoes (of course), clean hair­cut, and well-manicured hands. A poten­tial sugar daddy will also boast an air of con­fi­dence that can­not be duplicated.

You also want it to be easy for him to spot you too. Dress to kill, but not to stand out—some sugar dad­dies want dis­cre­tion. If you’re dressed well, you’ll still fit in with every­one else. Peo­ple attend art auc­tions to see and be seen, and you’re no dif­fer­ent. You want him to know you belong.

There’s more to look­ing the part than own­ing a pair of Manolo Blah­niks and hav­ing killer legs. Pur­chase an auc­tion cat­a­logue and reg­is­ter for a bid­ding pad­dle. There’s noth­ing more appeal­ing to a sugar daddy on the prowl than a smart, beau­ti­ful girl—better yet, a smart, beau­ti­ful girl who isn’t afraid to ask ques­tions about the auc­tion. If you see a poten­tial sugar daddy, find out what artists he likes to col­lect. Doing so will also let you know how much he’s will­ing to spend on art…and on you.

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