The Top 5 Places to Meet a Sugar Daddy: Part 4

The 5 Best Spots to Find a Sugar DaddyMuse­ums and Art Galleries

Mem­ber­ship has its priv­i­leges. Pay to become a mem­ber at your local state or provin­cial art gallery or museum. You don’t have to like art or stuffy exhibits on Egyp­tol­ogy or Renais­sance art. That’s not the point.

When you become a mem­ber, you get per­sonal invi­ta­tions to attend VIP events before cer­tain exhibits open to the pub­lic. Some gal­leries and muse­ums even hold “sin­gles nights,” along with other exclu­sive events where mem­bers can meet each other over din­ner and drinks. These events are often attended by the very well-heeled patrons who sup­port the arts.

Want to find out if your future sugar daddy is avail­able, or, at the very least, will­ing? Sad­dle up to him at the bar and ask him if he’d like to buy you a drink. Not only is it a great way to intro­duce your­self to a poten­tial sugar daddy, but you’ll also quickly dis­cover how will­ing he is to spend money on you.

Order a sin­gle malt scotch, prefer­ably from the Isle of Islay. Tell him you like a stiff scotch that is peaty, rolls over the tongue, and has a long fin­ish. Let the con­ver­sa­tion take its own nat­ural course.

Never try and sneak into a VIP gala. Not because it is immorally rep­re­hen­si­ble, but because you could draw unwanted atten­tion, and no one impor­tant ever sneaks into a VIP event. Since you want to be a real sugar baby, now is the per­fect time to do what­ever you need to do to get a real invitation.

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