The Twisted Letter One Woman Got From Her Husband’s Much Younger Mistress

Twisted Letter Sugar Daddy Husband Much Younger MistressRamona Singer, 43, who appeared on Real House­wives of New York City, recently revealed that she had decided to stay with her hus­band, Mario, after she caught him hav­ing an affair with a younger woman. Although Singer had filed for divorce, the celebrity cou­ple decided to recom­mit to their mar­riage and called of their split, with Mario, 57, mov­ing back in with his wife. But a new bomb­shell is threat­en­ing to tear their mar­riage apart all over again.

Ramona Singer report­edly received a hand­writ­ten two-page let­ter from her husband’s mis­tress, 32-year-old Kasey Dex­ter, in which she states that it didn’t take long for their illicit affair to start. “Within days, we had an intense sex­ual relationship.”

She claims that Mario told her he loved her and wasn’t will­ing to break off their affair, even after his wife took him back. “We never ended our relationship—ever,” wrote Dex­ter. “Even after he moved back home to you, he was speak­ing to me. He told me he loved me every day. I don’t think we ever fought except when we were in Boca and you texted him dur­ing dinner.”

Even the day Ramona Singer filed for divorce, Mario sup­pos­edly went straight to his mis­tress’ apart­ment, which he was pay­ing for, and the two enjoyed a roman­tic din­ner date.

The mis­tress goes on to say that every time she told the sugar daddy that she wanted to end the affair, he would remind her about how good the sex was and tell her that he was going to leave his wife for her.

Kasey Dex­ter also admit­ted that, although she’s in love with her sugar daddy, she no longer wants to be the mis­tress in this twisted love story if the celebrity cou­ple is in fact stay­ing together. “I love him, but do not want to con­tinue to be involved unless you are out of his life. If not, I’m going to let him go.”

What do you think: What would you do if you were in Ramona Singer’s shoes now, con­front the mis­tress or divorce your hus­band and move on with your life?


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