The Twisted World I Got Wrapped Up in When I Agreed to Marry a Rich Older Man: Part 2

I offered to set my older man, my fiancé, up with a reg­u­lar sex buddy while I was preg­nant and on bed rest, because I felt like he shouldn’t suf­fer sex­u­ally for what we couldn’t con­trol. I truly wanted him to go out and enjoy himself.

Dur­ing our dis­cus­sions, it came out that he had always had a fan­tasy of being with an Asian woman. So, after about a month’s worth of research, I found an Asian woman online who was also mar­ried and will­ing to just have no-strings-attached fun with my hus­band. I arranged their first meet­ing and even booked the hotel room.

At this point, I was approx­i­mately one month into forced bed rest, armed with my lap­top and a mini-fridge stocked full of fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles. Kee­gan had taken such good care of me—morning, noon, and night he was at my side mak­ing sure I had every­thing I needed to be as com­fort­able as a preg­nant whale could be.

Mean­while, I spoke with his new “friend” Anne on the phone, and then we talked over Skype, because we both wanted to make sure the other wasn’t some mass mur­derer. She was sweet, slightly older than me, and in a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion with a much older bene­fac­tor. Her hus­band, how­ever, could no longer per­form in the bed­room, and had given her his bless­ing to take a lover. It seemed like a per­fect match in a twisted world.

Between research­ing dream wed­ding ideas and sift­ing through pic­tures of naked women for my fiancé, it dawned on me—I never would have done this for any other man in the past. But as twisted as this was, I believed Kee­gan would do the same for me some­day if he couldn’t per­form, given our age dif­fer­ence, which sort of helped put me at ease with their playing.

Anne and Keegan’s first meet­ing went well; they were both sat­is­fied and every­one was happy—everyone except me. The first time was really hard for me. I cried to myself and unfor­tu­nately got myself so worked up that I ended up need­ing to call my doc­tor, which in turn ended with me being rushed to the hospital—I was con­vinced that I was going into labor.