The Ugly Truth About What Happens When Your Sugar Daddy Gets “Old”: Part 1

My rela­tion­ship with my older lover, Der­rick, started to change very quickly—every day I found myself more and more attracted to Josh, my new younger man. It was nice to be able to go out to bars, clubs, and local pubs. The loud music and crowded spaces felt like home again. I had for­got­ten how deli­cious take-out was, and how great a greasy slice of pizza tasted. I missed being a nor­mal young woman.

With Der­rick, things were never normal—they were always fancy and upscale, only the best of the best. Par­ties were always black-tie events, and we always ate at four-star restau­rants. It was nice, of course, espe­cially since I didn’t come from a wealthy upbring­ing, but it felt incred­i­ble to be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt out.

As Der­rick became more and more dis­tant, so did I. I started spend­ing more time with Josh, who spent almost every night at my place. Not hav­ing Der­rick around so much actu­ally worked out bet­ter for me because we no longer ate din­ner together. He would still take me out some week­ends, but most nights I spent with Josh. Even­tu­ally, Der­rick started catch­ing on to why I needed less time from him. He asked me var­i­ous times who I was see­ing, but I never broke. As much as I liked Josh, I wasn’t quite ready to lose Der­rick and his money.

Josh was a stu­dent, like I was, and one night he came over to study. I made din­ner and we sat in the liv­ing room with our glasses of wine quizzing each other. When the door­bell rang unex­pect­edly, my heart dropped—it could only be one per­son. I excused myself from the liv­ing room and cracked the door open, just enough for me to see out. Der­rick pushed the door open and stomped up the stairs, com­pletely bypass­ing the liv­ing room. When he came back down­stairs, I could see the look of relief on his face. And then, out of the cor­ner of his eye, he saw Josh.

Der­rick intro­duced him­self and asked Josh what he was doing. Josh politely intro­duced him­self as well and said that we had just been study­ing. The books on the table were proof enough, so Der­rick grabbed me by the hand and led me to the porch. He inter­ro­gated me furi­ously, his eyes red with anger. His breath­ing quick­ened and his voice was stern.

You bet­ter not be play­ing me, Cassie. I have too much invested in you for you to be sleep­ing with some­one else. I under­stand things have changed between us, but our agree­ment was not for you to sleep with other men. I may be mar­ried, but you are the only one I am phys­i­cally involved with.” His eyes were fixed on mine. He was right. Know­ing that he was no longer sleep­ing with his wife, and that I was the only other woman he was inti­mate with, made me feel incred­i­bly guilty. I had more of a rela­tion­ship with Josh than he had with Mrs. Fried­man. The tables had turned—the mis­tress had become the cheater…

  • Manda Bazan

    Ohhh…that sounds totally awk­ward! lol