The Unbelievable Thing My Doctor Said When I Told Him About the “Sex Buddy” I Found For My Sugar Daddy: Part 2

Vivian, if you weren’t taken, I would release you as my patient and make you my own. You are such a spe­cial woman and any man would be lucky to have you in his life. I would love that oppor­tu­nity myself hon­estly,” I sat there star­ing at him. I was speech­less, so I just let him con­tinue. “I am the same age as your fiancé; I can take care of you and give you the lifestyle you want. Kee­gan has a sweet deal there. Regard­less, none of that mat­ters, since you are, in fact, taken. So, I think I’ll keep you as my patient so I can at least keep very close tabs on you, beau­ti­ful.” He kissed me on the fore­head, winked at me, and walked out of the room. My con­trac­tions stopped.

I just sat there, still speech­less. Where the god damn hell did that come from? He released me to go home a cou­ple hours later and arranged for a ride to get me there. I was home before Kee­gan was home from his night off. To this day, I haven’t told Kee­gan about what hap­pened at the hospital.

As I set­tled back onto my comfy spot on the couch, I booted up my lap­top to look through my wed­ding folder. If we planned the wed­ding for the fall of 2010, the baby would be around six months old. That would be enough time to lose the baby weight and fit back into my gown.

Kee­gan arrived home roughly around mid­night, happy, but vis­i­bly nervous—he had obvi­ously just come back from see­ing his sex buddy, Anne. He brought a fresh bou­quet of flow­ers and a small jew­elry box. I could tell he needed that release, but he was also ter­ri­fied he had just ruined our relationship.

He leaned in for a kiss and put his hand on my jaw­line, while look­ing me in the eyes like he was study­ing me. “I love you, thank you for being you, Vivian,” he said as he kissed me pas­sion­ately. He sat down with me and although he was clearly exhausted and need­ing a shower, he looked through the wed­ding folder of pic­tures I had amassed. “I’m impressed! You have over 800 images saved in this folder,” he said, point­ing to the lower left hand cor­ner of the screen. “We can do what­ever you want for our wed­ding. You just let me know how much it is and I’ll take care of it,” he said beaming.

After real­iz­ing there wasn’t any real fall­out, Kee­gan was absolutely beam­ing. It was like he had won the lot­tery of life. That made me feel good, to be part of that and to make it pos­si­ble for him to feel this happy.

Anne and Kee­gan con­tin­ued this no-strings-attached affair until after the baby was born. They did not stop see­ing each other until her hus­band began hav­ing moral issues with the fact that I was now able to please my hus­band myself. The two respect­fully parted ways—I was thank­ful for that. As happy as she made him in the bed­room, I just kind of wanted our life and our rela­tion­ship to move forward.