The Unexpected Reaction My Sugar Daddy Had When I Confronted Him About His Affair

After a minute or two of silence, Marco asked me to hold on while he went some­where quiet, out of earshot of the clients—I had just caught him hav­ing an affair with another woman after see­ing pic­tures and text mes­sages on one of his phones.

Marco started quizzing me on the sub­ject, divert­ing my atten­tion momen­tar­ily as I answered each ques­tion sharply—before I finally snapped. “How could you?! How could you?! Why?! Why would you do this to me?!”  It was dur­ing this very moment in time I real­ized we would no longer be equals in the rela­tion­ship; Marco would put me in my place using his power of money to con­trol me, but in some twisted way, I enjoyed it for some time.

Marco took a deep breath and in a low-pitched voice, he said, “It’s noth­ing, an indis­cre­tion.” He raised his voice and responded fur­ther in a boom­ing tone, “More impor­tantly, it’s not any of your busi­ness. Since you couldn’t help your­self and looked through my phone, I will fill in the blanks for you. Karen is an old friend whom I con­fide in from time to time. I plan to see her later tonight for drinks. Are you happy now? Lis­ten, we never dis­cussed MY bound­aries, only yours, as I take care of every­thing for you. And in return, you take care of me while I am home, get good grades, and main­tain your fidelity to me. I give you every­thing, absolutely every­thing with­out ques­tion. You have paid noth­ing for any of what you have since mov­ing here, and I have never asked you, because I want you to focus on school. What we have is work­ing well. Don’t mess with that. I love and care about you. Let’s put this to rest and we will talk more when I come home. Chin up, darling.”

I was speech­less. Dumb­founded. Com­pletely and utterly blown away. The color drained from my face as I sim­ply hung up the phone and stared off into space try­ing to process the infor­ma­tion I was just smacked in the face with. As I stood there in the hall of my school, I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t.

Looks like some­one just killed your dog. Are you OK there, kiddo?” My pro­fes­sor jived on his way to the exam I had to sit in my next class. “I don’t feel well, sir.” That was all I could muster up in response. “Are you OK? Did you for­get to study?” He responded, truly con­cerned and half jok­ingly. I didn’t respond; I just stood there with a pained look of con­fu­sion on my face.

Go home. I will let you take the exam tomor­row morn­ing at 10 a.m. with the next class.” Then, I cried. My pro­fes­sor gave me a cou­ple tis­sues and a pat on the back as he walked me to the door. How embarrassing—I was par­a­lyzed, men­tally and emo­tion­ally, from a sin­gle con­ver­sa­tion. I was brought to my knees and put into my place by the man I made my world, all in a three-minute conversation.

I went straight home and called my mom, who, of all peo­ple, would under­stand what just hap­pened. She lis­tened very care­fully with min­i­mal inter­rup­tion to clar­ify a few things. She wasn’t sur­prised at Marco’s reac­tion or mine. In fact, she was sur­prised that I had let the rela­tion­ship get this far with­out dis­cussing these details with Marco before­hand, so we would be on the same page and his infi­delity wouldn’t be an issue. “It never occurred to me. I just assumed.” I told her, crying.

I know. It didn’t occur to me either until I was in a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion a long time ago. Get a glass of ice water, a shower, and good night’s rest. Tomor­row you need to ace that exam and pre­pare your­self for Marco to return home,” said my mom. “He will likely return home early, so be pre­pared to fight for what you want, or be pre­pared to walk away from it all. Vivian, do you know what you want?”

  • Shawn Lock­lin

    I hate when they don’t end the stories.