The Weirdest, Most Unforgettable Thing He Ever Did to Get Me Into Bed (Not What I Expected!): Part 2

Very slowly, Kee­gan removed his shirt, reveal­ing a thick hairy chest and stom­ach. I imme­di­ately touched it; his chest hair was def­i­nitely cov­er­ing up defined pec­toral mus­cles. He pulled me in close, lift­ing my shirt, and slid­ing it effort­lessly over my head. Tit for tat, piece for piece, we helped each other remove our cloth­ing until we were naked.

I remem­ber the feel­ing of his warm body and hot water against my skin in the shower. As he held me close, he kissed me gen­tly as the water just rushed over us. We couldn’t stop at that point, despite his phone ring­ing off the hook from work, since he was on-call. We teased and played in the shower, dis­cov­er­ing each other’s body slowly and carefully.

We dried each other off and headed back to my bed­room, where we once again snug­gled under my blan­kets. Being naked and freshly washed, we were both very ner­vous and clung to each other before a fit of gig­gles caught us both by sur­prise. We were like two teenagers, a lit­tle unsure, a lit­tle ner­vous, both want­ing and desir­ing to make love. But as we had worked our­selves up, we both real­ized the need to just let things hap­pen nat­u­rally, rather than try­ing to ful­fill a promise to just do it after 10 dates.

Kee­gan held me close, as we both calmed down and relaxed, nearly falling back to sleep. I could feel his man­hood get­ting harder and harder, press­ing against my lower back as we spooned and snug­gled. Feel­ing him so excited reminded me of how badly I wanted to sleep with him after hav­ing a seri­ous dry spell, and not being able to con­vince him with my sexy lin­gerie ear­lier in our dates.

I reached back and grabbed his man­hood, stroking him as I adjusted his posi­tion. Kee­gan didn’t hes­i­tate to kiss me pas­sion­ately as he pushed him­self inside me. Before I knew it, we were chang­ing posi­tions and gain­ing speed; he was on top of me, kiss­ing me pas­sion­ately, and there we were mak­ing love for the first time, as if it was our last time.

We quickly found our rhythm; our likes and dis­likes were very sim­i­lar as we whis­pered to each other what we wanted. Fig­ur­ing out how to make one another orgasm was as easy as push­ing a but­ton for both of us, as we were this in-tune by the time we made love.

By the time we had fin­ished, it was nearly 9 a.m. As I laid there star­ing into his beau­ti­ful brown eyes, caress­ing his head, I couldn’t help but kiss and cud­dle him just a lit­tle longer. We ignored his phone as it con­tin­ued ring­ing, and just laid there look­ing into each other’s eyes.

I was, with­out a doubt, deeply in love with this gen­tle­man, and he too was cau­tiously in love with me. But it would be three more months before he would tell me ver­bally that he felt that way, because were about to find out that we were mis­matched in a few big ways.