The X-Rated Trip My New Sugar Daddy Planned for Our Second Date: Part 1

Wealthy, older men have a per­sonal power that just draws you to them. That power also is fed by their sex­ual adven­tures and desires. The night before our sec­ond date, I received a call from the Greek God inquir­ing about my knowl­edge of porn stars. I was shocked at his ques­tion, but intrigued at the same time.

He told me from the moment we met he couldn’t put his fin­ger on who I looked like. And then he finally fig­ured it out—he told me I was the spit­ting image of a very famous porn star. Need­less to say, I was taken back. The Greek God explained that after he finally fig­ured out who I looked like, I reminded him of this star.

The moment our call ended, I was on a mis­sion to see if what he told me could be true. I went straight to my com­puter and did a name search. Her image popped up on the screen, and the resem­blance was uncanny! “Is this a bless­ing or a curse?” a thought to myself. I couldn’t wait to talk to my friend, Tori, about this one. As I dialed her num­ber and waited for her to answer, the pos­si­bil­i­ties kept run­ning through my head. Could I use this infor­ma­tion to my advan­tage with the Greek God? Would he have more desire for me because of some fan­tasy of hav­ing sex with a porn star? I won­dered if my worth was ele­vated in his eyes because of this new­found information.

Tori answered and I explained my con­ver­sa­tion with the Greek God. After research­ing and find­ing the exact per­son he was talk­ing about, she thought it was pretty clear that we looked like twins. Tori couldn’t stop laugh­ing. “This is not funny,” I snapped at her. “How could I, out of all peo­ple, be the spit­ting image of a porn star?”

Oh Julz, we can have great fun with this one. Don’t let it get you upset,” said Tori. “Just wait, we can have a ball. You just wait and see.”

She was right—we def­i­nitely had a ball with this new­found infor­ma­tion, and it def­i­nitely worked to my advantage…