The X-Rated Trip My New Sugar Daddy Planned for Our Second Date: Part 2

As usual, the Greek God’s sec­re­tary phoned me not too long after I spoke with the Greek God. She said that I would be going back to Las Vegas and if I wanted to take Tori along, she would make the flight and room reser­va­tions. I couldn’t wait to give her a call to invite her for yet another fun week­end. Tori accepted the invi­ta­tion and my Greek God was wait­ing at the suite when we arrived. He always made sure we were in the nicest suites that Las Vegas had to offer.

The moment we looked at each other, our eyes locked. Tori excused her­self to her own room to freshen up before din­ner. She clearly under­stood that we wanted to be alone. The Greek God’s stare burned right through me. I felt his desire from across the room. “I have a gift for you on the bed,” he said. “You don’t have to wear it now, but I thought we would play later tonight.”

I didn’t want to act too excited and told him that I would take a peek at it when we got back after din­ner. He smiled and said, “Your wish is my com­mand princess.”

We left to meet Tori, but he got a call and said, “You two go ahead and I’ll meet you after I’m through here.” Tori and I entered the limo and the dri­ver couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He kept star­ing at me in the rear view mirror—he thought I was my porn star twin. Tori never missed a thing and imme­di­ately stated, “You rec­og­nize her, don’t you? No one is sup­posed to know she’s in town.”

I took her lead and said, “Please take care of this.” Tori told the dri­ver that she was my manger and that if there was any busi­ness to be done it would go through her. He started telling us how he wanted to get into the adult indus­try and that he would do any­thing. For kicks, Tori told him that she would get in touch with him later.

When we arrived for our din­ner reser­va­tions, Tori asked the limo dri­ver for his card. He told her there wasn’t a charge for the ride and he would be wait­ing for the call. As he drove off, I told her to give me his card—I ripped it up and tossed it into the trash. We gig­gled like lit­tle girls. I couldn’t wait to tell the Greek God about our limo drive.

There was some­thing pri­mal about the Greek God’s expres­sion as I explained how the dri­ver really thought I was the porn star he had told me about ear­lier. He stared at me all evening with a silent pas­sion. I knew my night was going to be inspired by this infa­mous porn star. I couldn’t help but won­der what was really in that pack­age on the bed.