This Controversial New Sugar Daddy Dating Site Is Causing a Stir—So Why Are People Still Rushing to Sign Up?

They said looks aren’t every­thing in a rela­tion­ship, but let’s be hon­est; phys­i­cal attrac­tion does play a big part in the dat­ing game, espe­cially when it comes to age-gap dat­ing. As much as you might think that looks have noth­ing to do with it, there has to be some degree of attrac­tion on both ends in order for the rela­tion­ship to really work.

A new sugar daddy dat­ing web site out of Britain is tak­ing this whole con­cept of phys­i­cal attrac­tion to a whole new level. The site is designed to match young women with a rich sugar daddy, but it isn’t as sim­ple as just sign­ing up. In order to become a mem­ber, a panel of judges must first decide whether or not you’re good-looking enough to join.

Women are required to sub­mit three recent pho­tos, one has to be a face shot and another has to be a full-body shot. The panel then gives each woman a score out of 100. The higher your score is, the lower your annual mem­ber­ship fee is to join the sugar daddy site. In other words, less attrac­tive women have to pay a higher fee to become a mem­ber. Mean­while, men pay up to $100,000 a year to join. The idea behind the process of the dat­ing site is to make it eas­ier for a sugar daddy to fil­ter down to the most beau­ti­ful women, because, after all, men are most inter­ested in looks, accord­ing to the site’s founder.

As you can imag­ine, the web site has received seri­ous back­lash from peo­ple who believe that the process is chau­vin­is­tic, sex­ist, and just plain degrad­ing. How­ever, the founder may sur­pris­ingly (and sadly) be onto some­thing. When this new sugar daddy dat­ing web site launched last month, its servers actu­ally crashed because so many women were log­ging on to try and upload their pictures.

This just goes to show that peo­ple still place a lot of value on phys­i­cal attrac­tive­ness. After all, isn’t that why sugar dad­dies seek out young, beau­ti­ful women in the first place? And at the end of the day, these women are vol­un­tar­ily sign­ing up for the sugar daddy dat­ing site, know­ing from the onset that they’re going to be judged on their looks, and that those “scores” will be posted online for every poten­tial sugar daddy to see.

What do you think: Would you con­sider join­ing this con­tro­ver­sial sugar daddy dat­ing web site?


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