This Dangerous Relationship with a Much Older Man Almost Cost Me My Life: Part 1

I had spent the night at my friend Tamla’s place and the next morn­ing, I went home to grab some stuff for our drive down to the coun­try­side later that day. We had a mutual friend who man­aged a lux­ury spa and hotel down there, and since he was hardly home, his place became our hang­out on the weekends.

Tamla dropped me off at the cab stand and just as I was get­ting into a cab, a car pulled up behind us. It fol­lowed the cab for about 15 min­utes, until I got out. As soon as I stepped out of the car, he pulled to a stop near me. He told me that he had seen me before and knew where I went to school, since he would see me each morn­ing when he was on his way to work. I was a lit­tle creeped out, but I was polite. We chat­ted for a bit and then he handed me his busi­ness card and told me to give him a call when I got to the coun­try, just so that he knew I got there OK.

When I met back up with Tamla, I told her what hap­pened. She actu­ally found the story roman­tic because of the way he noticed me and pur­sued me. She con­vinced me that his per­sis­tence was a sign that he must really like me. So, when we got to the coun­try, I called him and we spoke for a while. He told me he would allow me to enjoy my week­end, and that when I got back I should let him know. I thought it was kind of sweet. After all, that’s the thing I like about older men, their hon­esty and matu­rity. But it turns out that he was the biggest mis­take I ever could have made.

When I got back home, I called him and we started talk­ing a lot. He told me a lot about him­self, like that he worked in trans­port for the national bus com­pany. He was sin­gle and lived alone, but I found out later that he actu­ally had a kid with a woman, whom he never really broke up with. She would call around the clock at all hours of the night.

The first time I went to his house, he told me to meet him in the mas­ter suite. When I went up, he was stand­ing in the dark wait­ing for me. He gen­tly pushed me for­ward onto the bed and kind of held my hands behind me while shift­ing my panties to the side. We had sex right then and there, but it wasn’t as hot as I was expect­ing it to be. For some rea­son, it felt dirty.

I went home that night and avoided him. I knew he was trou­ble. He would call and I would just ignore it. Some­thing spooked me about him. I didn’t quite know what it was yet, but I saw signs of con­trol­ling and aggres­sive ten­den­cies, and I didn’t like it.

They say you should always fol­low your gut instincts. Unfor­tu­nately, I didn’t…