This Is Exactly Why Younger Women Date Older Men (and Why You Should, Too): Part 1

I was finally going on my first and offi­cial date with Bran­don, the older man I had my eye on at work for the past six months. To say that the first 10 min­utes were awk­ward would be an under­state­ment. We were both a lit­tle shy and obvi­ously ner­vous, but Bran­don thank­fully broke the ice first.

You look really nice,” he said. I looked over at him and took in his chis­eled jaw­line and strong nose. Bran­don really was a hand­some man, and what­ever fear I had about his age show­ing com­pletely went away. This man had the fea­tures that any guy my age wished they had. My eyes roamed down to his tat­tooed bicep. Yes, this man was the envy of any 20-year-old play­ing beer bong in his par­ents’ back­yard. But how was I mea­sur­ing up in Brandon’s eyes?

I had decided to wear a pair of skinny black jeans; I fig­ured I’d show off my gen­er­ous curves and tease him a lit­tle. My top was light pink, inno­cent enough, but there were sub­tle cutouts on the back where black lace peeked out.

As we jumped on the free­way, Bran­don politely asked to hold my hand and as I reached over, a slight pang hit me—my ex-boyfriend, Jared, used to do the same thing. But as quick as it came, it was gone again. It had been two years and I was over him, but since he was my first, it was hard not to ref­er­ence every­thing to him. And to think about it, I never really had a first date with Jared, since we met while I was on vaca­tion with my fam­ily. So Bran­don would tech­ni­cally be my first date with a guy.

To get the record straight I’m not some teenage prude or an ugly troll who could never get a date; there were many guys in school who gave me the atten­tion. I had just never met any­one who quite met my stan­dards. The one time I decided to go out of those stan­dards, I ended up with my ex, so it was safe to say, les­son learned. As my hand was in Brandon’s, he pulled it up and kissed the back. My heart melted. Behind the macho look and con­fi­dence of a for­ever bach­e­lor, Bran­don was sweet and from what I could tell, he was affectionate—just what I needed. And this was just the beginning…

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About Lena

I’d always dreamed of the perfect fairytale prince in storybooks—ready with money and status to come save me from my chaotic, average life and treat me like his princess. Add a 26-year age difference and I found the closest thing to it. Not everything comes as easy as we expect it to, but that’s what makes it all the more fun. At 18 years old, I experienced that “Mr. Right Now” love with a guy my age named Jared. Two years later, I met Brandon, my older man. Jared was the typical playboy who romanced my naïve younger self and made me fall hard for him. That relationship caused me to view love in an entirely different way than I previously had, and I’m actually glad it did. By the time I met Brandon, I had become wiser and more prepared for the reality of relationships. Even though at 20 years old I didn’t show the tell-tale signs of a smart, mature woman, that was exactly what I had become. I started as a part-time secretary for a highly respectable office, while juggling a full-time load of college courses at the local university. It was my first official job where I had to wear heels, pencil skirts, and an occasional suit. I was no longer the high-school girl that found “true love” after graduation and had her heart broken immediately after. The new woman I was now was confident and smart, and when I saw Brandon walk through the lobby door, I knew he’d be a challenge, one I was ready to accept. Now at 22, and Brandon at 48, we’ve managed to keep a two -year relationship feeling like the very first day we met—all the excitement and butterflies are still very much present.