This Is the New Way Your Man Could Be Cheating On You

Cheating On YouIf you caught your mature hus­band hav­ing sex with another woman, it’s under­stand­able that you might con­sider end­ing your May-December mar­riage. But what if it was only hap­pen­ing online?

With the rapid rise of the dig­i­tal age, the line between faith­ful­ness and cheat­ing is blur­rier than ever before. While it’s true that every May-December mar­riage is dif­fer­ent, it’s gen­er­ally agreed upon between hus­band and wife that extra­mar­i­tal sex is off lim­its. Where things get fuzzy though, is what hap­pens if the cheat­ing hap­pens online, such as engag­ing in dirty talk online, exchang­ing X-rated mes­sages and pic­tures in an adult chat room, vir­tual sex games, or even just watch­ing porn.

A cheater might try to defend his actions by say­ing that because it’s online, it doesn’t count. But accord­ing to a recent sur­vey, online cheat­ing can do just as much dam­age to a May-December mar­riage as phys­i­cal cheat­ing can.

In the sur­vey, which was car­ried out as part of research for the new book Always Turned On: Sex Addic­tion in the Dig­i­tal Age, found that 87% of the respon­dents felt that their partner’s cheat­ing online had a neg­a­tive effect on their mar­riage long-term rela­tion­ship. Some of the most com­mon neg­a­tive effects reported included loss of trust and self-esteem, stress, and a hit to the sex­ual rela­tion­ship. Over a third (35%) of the respon­dents said that their rela­tion­ship ended as a result of their partner’s online cheating.

Let this be a les­son for your May-December marriage—there is very lit­tle dif­fer­ence between an affair that hap­pens online and one that hap­pens in real life, at least accord­ing to your sig­nif­i­cant other. So if you’re think­ing about stray­ing, even in the dig­i­tal world, you might want to think again. As a gen­eral rule of thumb, if you feel the need to lie or keep it a secret, you prob­a­bly shouldn’t be doing it if you’re not will­ing to put your May-December mar­riage on the line.


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