This Is What My Future Mother-in-Law Did to Make Me Hate Her

The next few months flew by after the baby was born, but things weren’t easy. My older man, Kee­gan, was aver­ag­ing over 500 hours a month for a cou­ple months, and I felt like a sin­gle mom because of it. Then, to top it off, I had to go back to work full-time around three months after the baby was born. This was free­ing and frus­trat­ing at the same time

It was also the time of year again for the mas­sive fam­ily cookout/get-together in D.C. for Keegan’s fam­ily. Every­one would be there, at least accord­ing to Keegan’s mom.

Since Kee­gan was the old­est of all the cousins in his fam­ily, but the last to have a child and the only one who was STILL unmar­ried, there was a wave of com­pli­ments, con­cerns, and rude com­ments, which I felt were totally out of place. It was at this fam­ily get-together that his cousin Richard pulled me aside and asked me bluntly if I was ever going to walk down the aisle with Kee­gan or not.

Keegan’s med­dling mother let the whole fam­ily know—despite it being none of their damn business—that I was the one who refused to get mar­ried prior to the baby being born. It was this con­ver­sa­tion with Richard that I real­ized just how much of my per­sonal busi­ness Keegan’s mother was sharing—and she was telling every­one. I wanted to punch her.

This set the tone for a very long and ongo­ing bat­tle with my future mother-in-law over every­thing. From plan­ning my wed­ding, to car­ing for my daugh­ter, my many surg­eries, my rela­tion­ship with my fiancé, and any­thing else that the blab­ber mouth could find out she would call at least five other peo­ple and tell them. The only per­son she was hurt­ing was me, and she damn well knew it.

So Vivian, you look great after just hav­ing the baby! What’s the hold up? Are you going to make Kee­gan an hon­est man or what?” Richard asked brassily

We will get mar­ried in due time. We’ve kind of been a bit busy, don’t you think, with a new house and new baby?” I asked in a snarky, but sweet voice.

What do you need to get started? I know it would make him beyond happy to make you his wife. You might want to con­sider mak­ing that your pri­or­ity, aside from car­ing for your new­born,” he said before briskly walk­ing away.