Too Much for a First Date? The Big Surprise My Sugar Daddy Had for Me and My Friend: Part 2

We arrived at the casino rather quickly. As we approached the black­jack tables, the Greek God pulled the chairs out for me and Tori to sit down. He then laid a stack of one hun­dred dol­lar bills in front of me and handed Tori her own pile of bills. He didn’t even give us a chance to refuse his money—he was gone before we could even say anything.

The black­jack dealer had an accent just like Bob Mar­ley. He dealt us cards and we flirted and teased with him. Tori and I laughed and had a great time. I assumed the Greek God was in the high-limit room, but to this day, I don’t know where he dis­ap­peared to.

Approx­i­mately three hours later, the Greek God strolled up to our table and asked if we were ready to head back. I told him he was the cap­tain, and off we went. Tori and I both attempted to return his money, but he just wouldn’t hear of it—he insisted we keep the money for our­selves. He never even asked us if we won or lost. He just kept ask­ing me if we were hav­ing a good time.

It was a per­fect night. I wasn’t sure just how the uni­verse was tak­ing care of me, but this knight in shin­ing armor made me real­ize all that I had been miss­ing out on; this was the life that I had craved as a sugar baby. Yes, the Greek God was just as old as the Stet­son man, but he was so full of life, whereas the Stet­son man was start­ing to show his age. Every­where you looked around the Greek God, there was excite­ment. It was con­ta­gious and the bug had bit me. By the time we boarded the jet again, it was well into the morn­ing hours.