Top Proven Secrets for Millionaires Dating Online

Are you one of the mil­lions who go online in hopes of find­ing a new sugar daddy or sugar baby? It’s a grow­ing trend, and it’s increas­ingly becom­ing more pop­u­lar every year. But that means that as more peo­ple log on, online dat­ing sites are becom­ing more and more sat­u­rated with new mem­bers, which can make it increas­ingly harder for your pro­file to stand out to a poten­tial sugar daddy or sugar baby.

We’re here to help! A recent study out of the U.K. has revealed some very help­ful insights into the world of online dat­ing. It ana­lyzed the online dat­ing pro­files of over 4,000 mem­bers to find out what exactly men and women are drawn to—it’s eas­ier to make your pro­file stand out if you know exactly what your future sugar daddy or sugar baby is look­ing for.

We’ve taken the find­ings of the study and bro­ken them down to reveal these proven secrets to mas­ter the art of online sugar daddy/sugar baby dating:

• Your pic­tures: If you’re going to post a pic­ture of your­self, make sure it’s a full-body shot—dating pro­files that included these kinds of pho­tos received three times the num­ber of mes­sages. When it comes to the infa­mous “selfie” shot, it can work for a sugar baby—women got four per­cent more messages—but not really for a sugar daddy; men who posted self­ies saw eight per­cent less mes­sages. Also, stick to solo shots; peo­ple who posted pic­tures with a best friend were 42% less popular.

• Your rela­tion­ship sta­tus: It seems women appre­ci­ate a man’s hon­esty when it comes to stat­ing his past rela­tion­ship sta­tus on his online dat­ing pro­file. Sugar dad­dies, don’t feel the need to hide the fact that you’re divorced or separated—it’s been shown that male dat­ing pro­files that men­tion this saw an increase in mes­sages by up to 52%.

• Your pro­file descrip­tions: Ignore the urge to go on and on about your­self in your online dat­ing pro­file. Instead, keep the descrip­tions short and to the point. The study found that dat­ing pro­files with more than 200 words received 10% fewer mes­sages, com­pared to those pro­files that had 100– to 200-word descrip­tions. And pay close atten­tion to your gram­mar and spelling. Dat­ing pro­files that were rifled with mis­takes and text-speak, like “lol,” saw a 13% decrease in the num­ber of incom­ing messages—and that goes for both sugar dad­dies and sugar babies, because it applied to both sexes.

What do you think: Do you have any of your own tips for find­ing a sugar daddy or sugar baby via dat­ing web sites?


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