Tori Spelling Can’t Decide If She Wants to Take Back Her Cheating Husband, Dean McDermott

Sugar Daddy Dean McDermott And Tori SpellingWould you take your hus­band back after he was caught hav­ing an affair with a younger woman? What if he was hav­ing mul­ti­ple affairs? That’s the predica­ment Tori Spelling is stuck in.

The real­ity star’s seven-year mar­riage to Dean McDer­mott, 47, was left in sham­bles after it was revealed back in Decem­ber 2013 that he had cheated on her with a younger woman, 28-year-old Emily Good­hand, while on a pro­mo­tional trip to Toronto. A few weeks after the scan­dal sur­faced, McDer­mott vol­un­tar­ily checked into a rehab cen­ter to get help for his “health and per­sonal issues”—some peo­ple are spec­u­lat­ing that McDer­mott is a sex addict, which is why he’s drawn to hav­ing affairs. The rehab stint was report­edly the celebrity couple’s last-ditch effort to save their mar­riage after news of his affair went public.

Although Spelling hasn’t moved toward a divorce or any­thing, insid­ers say she’s still on the fence about whether or not she really wants to take her cheat­ing hus­band back. “Tori keeps waf­fling. Even if they rec­on­cile, it’s going to be hard to trust him,” a source told Us Weekly about the celebrity couple’s marriage.

Other sources are say­ing that although Spelling feels betrayed by her husband’s affair with a younger woman, she isn’t ready to give up on their mar­riage just yet, because she has too much to lose. Aside from the fact that the celebrity cou­ple doesn’t have a prenup and she can’t afford a divorce, Spelling doesn’t want to raise their four young kids alone. “Tori doesn’t want her kids to grow up with­out their dad in the house,” said the insider.

Mean­while, Spelling’s mother, Candy, is report­edly urg­ing the celebrity cou­ple to stay together and work things out, because McDer­mott is get­ting help and there­fore deserves a sec­ond chance. Spelling’s mother sup­pos­edly told her, “You will never know unless you try.”

McDer­mott allegedly admit­ted to sleep­ing with sev­eral women, most of which were flings while he was trav­el­ing solo. He also sup­pos­edly admit­ted to hav­ing sex with many of them with­out using protection.

There’s no offi­cial word yet on the actual state of this celebrity couple’s mar­riage, but there’s a good chance that Spelling might be a lit­tle more open to for­give­ness, given the fact that their own rela­tion­ship started as an illicit affair.

What do you think: Would you take your hus­band back after he was caught hav­ing an affair with a younger woman?


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