Tori Spelling Gives Dean McDermott an Ultimatum: Get Help or Get Out!

The affair scan­dal sur­round­ing Dean McDer­mott and his wife, Tori Spelling, has report­edly taken a strange turn. As you’ve prob­a­bly heard, McDer­mott, 47, is accused of hav­ing an affair with a younger woman, 28-year-old Emily Good­hand, while he was in Toronto. Although the celebrity cou­ple hasn’t com­mented on the affair alle­ga­tions, Good­hand her­self has admit­ted that she had sex with the actor after he hit on her at a din­ner party.

Almost a month after news of the scan­dal sur­faced, the celebrity cou­ple was spot­ted leav­ing a rehab facil­ity together. A cou­ple weeks later, McDer­mott was again seen leav­ing the same build­ing, but this time he was alone. Accord­ing to an insider, Spelling is threat­en­ing to leave McDer­mott unless he gets treated for his addic­tion, but it isn’t to drugs or alco­hol. “She’s told Dean she’ll leave him if he doesn’t get help for [his] sex addic­tion,” the source told Life & Style mag­a­zine. “She’s finally lay­ing down the law because she knows things can’t con­tinue like this.” The source goes on to say that the only rea­son she’s try­ing to save their mar­riage is for the sake of their four young kids.

Inter­est­ingly, McDer­mott was mar­ried when he first started hook­ing up with Spelling, so a sex addic­tion doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch when you really think about it.

Their rocky mar­riage isn’t the only thing this celebrity cou­ple has to worry about. McDer­mott is also fac­ing a pos­si­ble law­suit for stiff­ing peo­ple who helped him put out his new cook­book, even though he stayed with some of them while he was in town and enjoyed free meals at their expense.

McDer­mott report­edly received an advance of over $250,000 from the pub­lisher, which was sup­posed to help cover some of the costs. But he still owes thou­sands to his pho­tog­ra­pher, food styl­ist, and prop styl­ist, as well as over $6,000 in Cana­dian taxes. Along with “cheater” and “sex addict,” McDer­mott can now add “the biggest mooch in Toronto” to his list of nick­names, because that’s what his dis­grun­tled staffers are now sup­pos­edly call­ing him.

What do you think: Is a sex addic­tion a viable excuse for hav­ing an affair?


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