Tori Spelling Regrets Big Prenup Blunder

Tori Spelling And Sugar Daddy Dean McDermottTori Spelling has yet to acknowl­edge the rumors that her famous hus­band of seven years, Dean McDer­mott, had an affair with a much younger woman, 28-year-old Emily Good­hand, despite the fact that Good­hand is the one who dished the news her­self. In fact, Spelling still seems to be ignor­ing the story about his affair, because she posted a pic­ture with McDer­mott and two of their four kids together on New Year’s Eve. But is their mar­riage really as peachy as she’s mak­ing it look?

Tori is ter­ri­fied of a divorce. She still wants to believe that Dean didn’t cheat on her, but it’s becom­ing impos­si­ble for her to live in denial anymore—but that doesn’t mean she’ll leave him,” a source close to the celebrity cou­ple told The insider goes on to reveal that Spelling is report­edly “angry and hurt,” but can’t stand the thought of going through a cus­tody bat­tle for the kids, and is “ter­ri­fied of being single.”

While we’re sure she’s upset about the pos­si­bil­ity of los­ing her hus­band, her fear of a divorce might also have to do with the fact that the celebrity cou­ple never signed a prenup before tying the knot. Spelling has revealed in the past that after blow­ing through mil­lions, she and her hus­band didn’t have much money left in the bank, despite the fact that Spelling’s mother is esti­mated to be worth about $600 million—her father, Aaron Spelling, was a big-time TV pro­ducer before he died in 2006.

Because Spelling and McDer­mott don’t have a prenup, a pricey divorce set­tle­ment could make for a pretty big blow to Spelling’s already depleted bank account. “Dean offered to sign one, but Tori refused,” said another insider. “She truly believed Dean was her soul mate and there was zero need for a prenup.”

What do you think: Should Tori Spelling have stuck to sign­ing a prenup before mar­ry­ing Dean McDermott?


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