Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover, 18-Year Age Difference

Sugar Daddy Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover

Sugar Daddy Tracy Morgan and Megan WolloverTracy Mor­gan has earned his rep­u­ta­tion for being a fear­less come­dian both on and off the screen. Although he starred in a few films and tele­vi­sion episodes, includ­ing his own sit­com called The Tracy Mor­gan Show, he really hit the peak of celebrity sta­tus when he joined the cast of Sat­ur­day Night Live in 1996. He became even more famous after tak­ing on the role of Tracy Jor­dan in the pop­u­lar TV com­edy series 30 Rock, along­side Alec Bald­win and fel­low SNL–er Tina Fey.

Mor­gan has had his fair share of neg­a­tive media atten­tion, mostly as a result of being caught dri­ving drunk, or for his tumul­tuous relationship—or lack thereof—with his fam­ily. The one part of his life that seemed rel­a­tively nor­mal for a while was his love life.

Mor­gan first got mar­ried in 1985 to his high school girl­friend, Sabina. They were mar­ried for 23 years and had three kids together before fil­ing for divorce in August 2009. It wasn’t too much of a shock because the cou­ple had report­edly been liv­ing apart for the eight years lead­ing up to their divorce. The records were sealed, so it was never con­firmed what actu­ally caused the split, although in 2008, his wife admit­ted that she wanted out because Mor­gan couldn’t kick his drink­ing habit.

Mor­gan laid low on the rela­tion­ship scene after the divorce, until 2011 when he told the world that he wasn’t just dat­ing a much younger woman, but they were engaged—the younger woman was model Megan Wollover, and she’s 18 years younger than him. On July 2, 2013, the celebrity cou­ple wel­comed their first child together, a daugh­ter name Maven Sonae.

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