Tracy Morgan’s Accident Ignites Family Feud Between His Mother and Young Fiancée—Find Out Why!

Sugar Daddy Tracy Morgan and Young FiancéeTracy Mor­gan is still in the hos­pi­tal in crit­i­cal con­di­tion after his limo bus was hit by a truck, and unfor­tu­nately, the unex­pected acci­dent is report­edly caus­ing a huge rift in his fam­ily. It’s also rais­ing ques­tions about his celebrity May-December rela­tion­ship with his younger fiancée, Megan Wollover.

Morgan’s strained rela­tion­ship with his fam­ily, par­tic­u­larly with his mother, Ali­cia War­den, have been well-documented in the media—the 45-year-old come­dian revealed in 2012 that he hadn’t even seen his estranged mother in 11 years. War­den is now mak­ing a big fuss about being kept apart from her crit­i­cally injured son, and she’s blam­ing it on his young fiancée.

Morgan’s mother told TMZ that Megan Wollover, nor any­one else for that mat­ter, never both­ered to even call her or his fam­ily to let them know about the acci­dent, and they only found out about it after hear­ing the news on TV. She also said that she tried to visit her son in the hos­pi­tal to pray for him, but Megan Wollover wouldn’t let her any­where near him and she was kept out by secu­rity guards. Accord­ing to War­den, the younger woman has some­thing against her and that’s why she banned her from see­ing Morgan.

Ali­cia War­den went on to say that she went back the next day, but was only granted a five-minute visit and was never allowed to be alone with her son. “All I wanted was for our fam­ily to be alone with him. I wanted to pray over him and couldn’t do that because so many peo­ple were in the room,” said Warden.

Megan Wollover is cer­tainly in a tough spot. Tracy Mor­gan has made it clear where he stands with regards to his rela­tion­ship with his mother, and as his life part­ner, Wollover’s job is to pro­tect him when it mat­ters most—with the con­di­tion he’s in right now, his health and well-being should be the top pri­or­ity, and see­ing his estranged mother after more than a decade could com­pro­mise his recovery.

On the other hand, she is his mother after all, and there’s a good chance that her con­cern and inten­tions to pray for him are gen­uine and heartfelt—should Megan Wollover stand in the way of that? In other words, if there was no celebrity May-December rela­tion­ship involved here, there might just be a chance that Mor­gan and his mother could reconcile.

What do you think: Should Megan Wollover have let Tracy Morgan’s mother in to see him, despite their strained relationship?


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