The Surprising Truth About Which Celebrities Married Men Want to Sleep With

Mar­ried or not, we’re all guilty of day­dream­ing about what it would be like to hook up with the hottest celebri­ties. If given the oppor­tu­nity, would it be a suave gen­tle­man like George Clooney, or a quiet brute like Jason Statham, or both?

A lot of sugar daddy rela­tion­ships start as an affair—that’s just the real­ity of the sit­u­a­tion. But when it comes to celebri­ties, have you ever won­dered who mar­ried men think about most? The answer might sur­prise you.

A major­ity of mar­ried men would be most will­ing to have an affair with—not surprisingly—much younger female celebri­ties. Miley Cyrus, 20, has just earned the title of Hollywood’s Most Cheat Wor­thy Celebrity, cour­tesy of over 22,000 male mem­bers on a match­mak­ing web site designed for indi­vid­u­als who are look­ing to have an affair. Cyrus topped the list with nearly 19% of the votes.

Cyrus wasn’t the only young female celebrity deemed affair-worthy. It turns out that mar­ried men mostly have eyes for younger women. With the excep­tion of Sofia Ver­gara, 41, and Katie Couric, 56, all of the other female celebri­ties on the top-ten list were 31 years old or younger, the youngest (after Cyrus) being 21-year-old model Kate Upton, and 22-year-old actress Jen­nifer Lawrence.

Here’s the full list of female celebri­ties that most mar­ried men would be will­ing to have an affair with:

1. Miley Cyrus (18.6%) – 20 years old
2. Mila Kunis (12.4%) – 29 years old
3. Jen­nifer Lawrence (11.6%) – 22 years old
4. Sofia Ver­gara (9.4%) – 41years old
5. Bey­oncé (8.1%) – 31 years old
6. Rihanna (7.5%) – 25 years old
7. Katy Perry (5.2%) – 28 years old
8. Kate Upton (2.2%) – 21 years old
9. Katie Couric (3.8%) – 56 years old
10. Jes­sica Biel (3.2%) – 31 years old

What do you think: Would you agree with this list? Are there any other names that you think are miss­ing from this list?


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  • Bob James

    This “major­ity” of mar­ried men ought to stay home with a bot­tle of lotion and a box of tissues.