What Did American Idol Star Katharine McPhee Do to Lose Her Husband AND Her Sugar Daddy?

Katharine McPhee Lose Her Sugar DaddyDirec­tor Michael Mor­ris went from hav­ing a lov­ing wife at home and a young sugar baby on the side, to hav­ing nei­ther. It was recently revealed that Mor­ris was hav­ing an affair with 29–year-old actress and for­mer Amer­i­can Idol con­tes­tant Katharine McPhee after the pair was caught kiss­ing in broad daylight.

Although McPhee was sep­a­rated from her much older hus­band, 47-year-old Nick Cokas, at the time, Mor­ris was still with his wife, actress Mary McCor­mack. After pic­tures of his illicit affair were pub­lished online, Mor­ris was report­edly kicked out of their fam­ily home until his wife made up her mind about how to han­dle the situation.

Now, Mor­ris has also allegedly lost his sugar baby, too, although we don’t know if it was his deci­sion or hers. Accord­ing to an insider, Mor­ris and McPhee’s affair has ended. “Katharine is no longer see­ing Michael – at least for now,” revealed one insider, adding, “This is an incred­i­bly hard time for Katharine.” You can’t blame her—it isn’t always easy being blamed for break­ing up a mar­riage or two.

Although McPhee’s May-December mar­riage to Cokas is still in ruins, it tech­ni­cally isn’t over yet. “Katharine still has no plans to move for­ward with divorce at the moment, though they are not liv­ing together.” Per­haps there’s the pos­si­bil­ity of reconciliation?

What do you think: Would you be able to take a man back after he was caught hav­ing an affair?


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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com