What Do I Get My Sugar Daddy for Valentine’s Day?

QUESTION: Valentine’s Day is just a cou­ple days away and I still haven’t fig­ured out a gift for my sugar daddy yet. Do you have any ideas or sug­ges­tions that you can pass along for me? Help!

CHELSEA SAYS: I per­son­ally think store-bought gifts are a lit­tle over­rated for Valentine’s Day, espe­cially when it comes to you giv­ing your sugar daddy a gift. After all, it’s just kind of under­stood that he’s the one that’s sup­posed to be spoil­ing you with expen­sive gifts, not the other way around.

For Valentine’s Day, I’ve always felt that gifts with a per­sonal touch are really the way to go. And the best thing about giv­ing your sugar daddy a per­son­al­ized gift is that you can make it as roman­tic or as naughty as you want—the idea is to show your sugar daddy that you care about him and that you’re think­ing of him. The more thought you put into the gift, the better.

For exam­ple, instead of going out for din­ner, stay in and pre­pare your sugar daddy’s favorite meal, com­plete with all the fix­ings. It shows that you know what he likes and that you’re will­ing to invest the time and effort into a gift that he’ll really appre­ci­ate. After dessert, you can treat him to a relax­ing mas­sage. Again, you can make it as roman­tic or sexy as you’d like.

Real­is­ti­cally speak­ing, your sugar daddy is expect­ing to get lucky on Valentine’s Day. So make it a lit­tle extra spe­cial by chang­ing things up and get­ting cre­ative, like an x-rated scav­enger hunt. Leave a trail of sexy clues that will ulti­mately lead him to the final des­ti­na­tion: you, in your newest piece of lin­gerie, wait­ing for him with open arms. Another idea is to ask your sugar daddy for five of his raci­est sex fan­tasies. Write each one on a small piece of paper, fold each one up, and throw them all in a hat. On the day of, have him pick one of the papers out of the hat, and as a gift to him, you’ll help him make that sex fan­tasy come true.

These are just a cou­ple suggestions—sources of inspi­ra­tion, if you will—for gift ideas. The point I’m try­ing to make is that it should be some­thing per­sonal and thought­ful. He’s obvi­ously got money, so if there’s some­thing he’s eye­ing in a store, there’s a good chance he’s already got it for him­self. Your sugar daddy is with you because you’re what he wants. So, when it comes to gift-giving, why not give him what he really wants?

TRENT SAYS: If there was ever one hol­i­day to per­son­ify the sugar baby/sugar daddy rela­tion­ship, it has to be Valentine’s Day! It’s all about show­ing each other how much you love being with each other. A pretty box of choco­lates or flow­ers is for novices. I think the sugar baby Valentine’s Day is all about skin-on-skin con­tact. So, be a lit­tle cre­ative and get a lit­tle naughty.

Since it’s just a cou­ple days before Valentine’s Day and you’re short on time, I’m going to sug­gest some­thing that I was treated to on one par­tic­u­lar Valentine’s Day by my sugar baby. You can obvi­ously make yours more per­sonal, but it’s a decent springboard.

On a recent Valentine’s Day, my sugar baby told me to wait in the liv­ing room on the couch while she got some­thing ready in the bed­room. She came out and pre­sented me with two boxes and told me to pick one, which I duti­fully did. She then went back into the bedroom.

A few min­utes later, she said she was ready and I could enter. I walked in to find the bed­room dimly lit by can­dles. She was stand­ing next to the bed in a stun­ning new piece of lin­gerie. She kissed me and pulled the com­forter back on the bed and exposed a sex game she had made on the fit­ted sheet.  She had drawn a large game board, five squares across and five down. Each square had a dif­fer­ent sex act writ­ten on it, every­thing from just kiss­ing to touch­ing, watch­ing, and using whipped cream. There were even a few strate­gi­cally placed “sugar daddy’s choice” squares and a cou­ple of “go back 4 spaces” squares. After all, you don’t want the game to end too quickly.

She had filled a bag with scraps of paper with the num­bers one to three writ­ten on them. I would pull one out and that’s how many spaces I got to move. When I landed on the square, we did the act. She also had a timer, so each juicy inter­ac­tion lasted just 90 seconds.

It took more than an hour for us to make our way to the last square on the board. Need­less to say, the final square is open-ended, and can last for as long as you like. Best game ever; best Valentine’s Day ever.