What Happened to Make Me Realize I Needed Two Sugar Daddies: Part 2

As I saw Peter’s reflec­tion in the glass, I found it hard not to laugh and could not help myself when I said to him, “You’re ugly!” He was about six feet tall, dark, very hairy, and sort of looked like a big gorilla. Luck­ily, I was in love with Keith and my inten­tion was never to date him, oth­er­wise I would have been highly disappointed.

We went to a lit­tle restau­rant and ordered some food. I wasn’t hun­gry and I kind of wanted to leave. He just wanted to be seen with me. Coin­ci­den­tally, a few friends of his walked in and saw us together, which made him feel like he was “the man.” One of them asked, “Is this your girl­friend?” I hur­riedly said, “No, I have five boyfriends and have no space for him!” After meet­ing his friends, I real­ized that Peter was act­ing as if he wanted more. I was hav­ing none of it, so I told him I was in a rela­tion­ship with five men, think­ing that would turn him off. I told him I had to go and I left him at the restaurant.

Peter con­tin­ued to call every day and he was being annoy­ingly inquis­i­tive. He wanted to know every­thing about my every move. I never intended on hav­ing two men in my life, but by this time, I had already begun see­ing this green-eyed man named Kirk, who was just a few years older than I was. He was the epit­ome of good looks: six-foot-one, bow-legged, tat­tooed, and long hair. He had a nice com­plex­ion, since his dad was white and his mom was black. He was a hand­some man, to say the least.

We met at one of my shows and he told me he was a sin­gle father of one son. He was an audio engi­neer. His sched­ule was hec­tic and he was often away on big gigs. I told him right away about my rela­tion­ship with Keith and he told me he was fine with it, for now.

Kirk and I started dat­ing, unbe­knownst to Keith. We had a lot in com­mon. He was a roman­tic. He would plan can­dlelit din­ners and woo me with gifts. He never trav­elled and took noth­ing back from me. Ini­tially, our rela­tion­ship was a secret. I didn’t want my friends or fam­ily to know, but after a while I found it hard to hide him. I began to care about Kirk, as he showed a lot of inter­est in me. We would go on dates and spend a lot of time together; he filled that long­ing I felt when Keith was not around.

When Keith would call, Kirk would under­stand, but it wasn’t long before he started to show signs of jeal­ousy. Kirk knew what he had got­ten into—with me hav­ing another sugar daddy on the side—yet he threat­ened to reveal every­thing he knew to Keith’s wife, think­ing that he would have had me all to him­self. His demands would get dar­ing; for exam­ple, he’d want me to stay with him even when Keith was on the Island.

Both rela­tion­ships were evolv­ing. At this point, I had been with Keith for over two years and with Kirk for one.