What Happened When I Agreed to a Date with a Rich Older Man I Met Online: Part 1

It was a snow day, and I was still reel­ing from my breakup with my older man, Maestro—I was crazy about him, but he wanted to focus on fix­ing his mar­riage. I missed him, but I wanted to respect his space and pri­vacy to pro­tect his mar­riage and his job. It wasn’t easy being in class with him—he was my professor—but we made do. Even though he was focused on his mar­riage, he still treated me spe­cial with gifts here and there, and he con­tin­ued to do things to help me out financially.

Being cooped up at home, I decided to hop online and check my dat­ing pro­file. To my sur­prise, I had mul­ti­ple mes­sages. I had never done online dat­ing before, but boy was I taken back with all of the responses I got from men of all ages.

My favorite was a 39-year-old man named Brian liv­ing 15 min­utes away. He mes­saged me to tell me he loved my eyes and wanted to meet as soon as pos­si­ble. I lived near a park and decided, why not? I had noth­ing bet­ter to do and he was a hand­some guy. I didn’t have a cell phone at that time, so I shot him a mes­sage to meet me at the park and checked back 30 min­utes later. He agreed to meet me there in an hour. My life would be for­ever changed from this meeting.

When I arrived with my cold nose and cheeks, cov­ered in snow and sweat, he was sit­ting there in his pickup truck smil­ing. Brian motioned for me to sit in the car and warm up. Inside, he had a small bou­quet of flow­ers and an amaz­ing smile. He too, couldn’t believe some­one so young would be inter­ested in dat­ing an older man, but he wasn’t about to turn it down or walk away. We hit it off and talked for hours. He was divorced, had chil­dren older than me, and friends who would shun him if they knew, but he was just far too intrigued to ignore my pro­file. He worked in the steel mill and wasn’t by any means rich, but he was finan­cially smart. He didn’t want any­thing seri­ous and thought we had a good oppor­tu­nity to have fun.

I didn’t have to think twice. I liked him; there was some­thing intrigu­ing about him that I just couldn’t resist. I said yes, and with that, I had landed my next sugar daddy. But I had no idea what this “fun” rela­tion­ship would even­tu­ally turn into…