What Happened When Karma Came Back For Me After I Cheated on My Sugar Daddy: Part 1

On my 25th birth­day, I went out for lunch with Derrick—my older, mar­ried boyfriend—and had din­ner with Josh, the younger man I was cheat­ing on Der­rick with. In the mid­dle of my din­ner with Josh, he dropped a huge bomb on me: he asked me to marry him.

Josh poured his heart out to me and said I was the most per­fect woman in the world, and that he didn’t want to go another day with­out hav­ing me as his wife. All I could do was cry. He assumed that they were tears of joy, and they partly were, but for the most part, it was just out of guilt.  When I finally com­posed myself, I said yes. I then excused myself, telling Josh that I needed to clean myself up.

I rushed into the restroom and called Der­rick. I explained what hap­pened, and again, I started to cry on the phone. I des­per­ately wanted to marry Josh, but I didn’t want to risk los­ing Der­rick. My life felt per­fect just the way it was.

I’m not sure why I thought call­ing Der­rick would make me feel better—I couldn’t have been more wrong. It wasn’t exactly what he said, but how he said it that made me feel like my whole world was falling apart. “We’ll dis­cuss how to get over this hump, Cassie. Don’t worry, just enjoy the moment.  I love you doll,” said Der­rick casu­ally, adding, “Give my best regards to the fiancé, from your father of course.” Der­rick laughed and hung up.

I con­tin­ued to cry. Derrick’s com­ment made me feel like garbage. In my head, I ran through all of the rea­sons why I couldn’t marry Josh. Aside from the fact that I was still see­ing Der­rick, I hadn’t even intro­duced him to my par­ents. In fact, not very many peo­ple even knew of him. Almost every­one still thought that I was single—very few peo­ple knew the truth. On top of all that, Josh still thought Der­rick was my father. How would I explain my real father walk­ing me down the aisle? It’s not like I could have Der­rick do the honors.

I cried spo­rad­i­cally for a week after the pro­posal. Every time Josh asked what was going on, I lied and said that I was emo­tional because I couldn’t believe I ended up with such a great guy.  This was all true, but the real rea­son I cried was mostly because I felt torn inside.

Derrick’s divorce was final­ized three months after my engage­ment. He had come up on top with the set­tle­ment, and although he was going to lose a huge amount of money, he was happy to get out of the mar­riage. After his divorce, Der­rick con­fessed that he had started to see another woman. She was three years younger than I was, and much pret­tier, but I still came first for him. For months, Der­rick and I had a four-way love affair that only the two of us knew about.

Even­tu­ally, Der­rick became more occu­pied with his younger woman and he started spend­ing less time and money on me. I sud­denly felt like Mrs. Fried­man, except that I had no rights. If and when he left me, I would have noth­ing to show for it—at least his wife had got­ten part of his money. I would be left with noth­ing. It helped that I had Josh, but it still stung. I think a part of me always believed that I would end up with Der­rick, and that I could keep enjoy­ing the lav­ish life he had pro­vided me with.

The guilt of my infi­delity started to wear me down and even­tu­ally I had to break off my engage­ment with Josh. The day after I told him, I knocked on Derrick’s door and met his new girl­friend. He excused him­self out­side and I cried on his shoul­der. I told him that I couldn’t con­tinue hurt­ing Josh, and that I wanted Der­rick all to myself. Later that night, he broke up with his girl­friend and I moved out of my house and into his man­sion. Every­thing I wanted was finally falling into place. Or so I thought…