What Happened When Karma Came Back for Me After I Cheated on My Sugar Daddy: Part 2

My rela­tion­ship with my older man, Der­rick, although good while it lasted, never worked out. I only lived at his man­sion for a few months before I real­ized that I had offi­cially become the new Mrs. Fried­man, watch­ing her man sleep around with other women. The only dif­fer­ence between her and I was that in the end, I had no money to show for it. Although it was won­der­ful to have a man­sion to call my own, I could never get used to Der­rick sleep­ing with other women. Even­tu­ally, I broke things off with him and left every­thing behind, includ­ing the Mer­cedes he had given me. I lost it all.

I still speak with Der­rick every once in a while. He ended up remar­ry­ing his wife, and they seem to be happy together. I guess he real­ized how good he had it with her. After all, she was far more under­stand­ing than I could ever be and, despite his infi­delity, she had never really stopped lov­ing him.

When I left Der­rick, I had no money or sta­tus to show for it—all I had was the expe­ri­ence of dat­ing an older man, and my sto­ries to tell. I learned many lessons from being with Der­rick, both good and bad. And while my expe­ri­ence with him was noth­ing less than dra­matic, I was left with a cer­tain attrac­tion for rich older men. I loved the lifestyle he showed me, and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with any­thing less.

I did even­tu­ally meet my prince charm­ing. My hus­band is eleven years older than I am and he is a per­fect mix of Der­rick and Josh. He isn’t filthy rich like Der­rick, or young and hot like Josh, but he runs a great busi­ness and has plenty of money to sup­port me—he’s also very hand­some.  Our love is not a Dis­ney fairy­tale and things are not per­fect, but it is my fairy­tale and I am per­fectly content.

At the end of it all, I did still end up with a rich older man, but it just wasn’t Der­rick. To this day, I still think of Der­rick and I miss what we had together, which is why I still haven’t been able to really let him go. When I get into fights with my hus­band, I still call Der­rick to talk and rem­i­nisce about the past. Der­rick and I have both been unfaith­ful to our spouses and con­tinue hav­ing a great love affair. This time around, we have both agreed to keep our affair a secret— we’ve expe­ri­enced enough drama to know that it will never work out between us.

Every year on my birth­day, Der­rick and I meet up at our favorite restau­rant and he brings me a gift—usually a handbag—and every few weeks, we meet up at a hotel for sex. Our rela­tion­ship is not the same as it once was, but to be hon­est, it’s still pretty great.

  • Reg­u­lar Guy

    Seri­ously, why would any man want a seri­ous rela­tion­ship with this woman? She has absolutely NO moral com­pass and is devoid of all character.

    • Mar­tina Perry

      Reg­u­lar Guy from Reg­u­lar Woman. .…Agreed. & it’s the same if the sit­u­a­tion is reversed .…