What Happened When My Hot Older Boss Caught Me Reading a Naughty Book at Work (Not What I Expected): Part 1

It was a typ­i­cal Sat­ur­day, and hav­ing to work every week­end, I was used to Bran­don, the sexy older man­ager, drop­ping by to say hi and see how every­thing was going. Since I knew there was the poten­tial of see­ing him, I tended to “up” my out­fit for work—that day I took the time to put on a knee-length dress that hugged my lower back like a glove. My mis­sion was to dis­arm my sexy Chris­t­ian crush and in order to do that, I had to pull out all that I had to bat­tle with. Since it was com­mon knowl­edge that Bran­don was a man of faith, it was also com­mon knowl­edge that he had a darker side, and I was ready to bring to it out.

The first hour of work went by with­out a hitch; we were usu­ally slow dur­ing the week­ends so it was no sur­prise. It wasn’t long until I heard Bran­don whistling down the hall and I had to calm myself down. What am I going to say? What if he doesn’t even notice? Oh my god do I even look good? I was in full panic mode. I wasn’t a seduc­tress! I was all talk and no mat­ter how many times I told my best friend, Melinda, that I was going to bring Bran­don to his knees for me, it was said under false self-confidence. I didn’t have time to take it all back though. His whistling was com­ing closer so, with­out think­ing, I grabbed my book and pre­tended to be lost in it. The whistling stopped.

Hey, where is every­body?” Bran­don whis­pered as his breath tick­led my ear. I jumped, notic­ing that he was really close. It was both excit­ing and nerve-wracking to have him before me, espe­cially know­ing that he had been that close to me. He was either get­ting too used to our rou­tine or he enjoyed toy­ing with me. I was bet­ting on the latter.

You scared me!” I quickly put the book down, shuf­fling it under my paper­work. It was one thing to be caught read­ing an erotic book (even though I was pre­tend­ing to read), but for him to actu­ally read what I was spend­ing my time on was a lit­tle too embar­rass­ing. The last thing I wanted was for him to have an opin­ion of me as some lovesick lit­tle girl who lived vic­ar­i­ously through her books. I had to project myself as a grown woman. How I pro­ceeded with this sit­u­a­tion could make or break my plan to get Brandon…