What Happens After You Tell Your Family You’re Dating a Rich Man Who’s Twice Your Age: Part 2

Kee­gan was extremely hes­i­tant and cau­tious while dat­ing me, even though he was the hap­pi­est and most com­pat­i­ble with me. But because of the stigma attached to our age dif­fer­ence and the taboo “cra­dle rob­bing” labels that he was ter­ri­fied of, he con­tin­ued see­ing me semi-seriously, while keep­ing one foot out the door and his dat­ing options open “in case” some­one more appro­pri­ate came along.

This was all new for both of us, and because we were so happy when we were together, it hadn’t occurred to me that this was exactly what he was doing until just after New Year’s. I could not fathom why some­one who was so per­fect for me, and I so per­fect for him, wouldn’t tell me how he felt, nor even dis­cuss it at all. I was crushed to say the least.

There I was, going way out on a limb to pur­sue this man who was turn­ing 40 at the end of Jan­u­ary, while I would turn 21 a few weeks later. Yet there he was, hold­ing me at arm’s length because he was afraid of get­ting hurt. He was afraid of how oth­ers would view him because of our age dif­fer­ence. He was con­cerned that he was at the point in life where he should be set­tling down, but then he was will­ing to set­tle for an older, less fer­tile woman just because of what oth­ers thought? It didn’t make sense to me.

That was it for me. I broke up with Kee­gan. I put all of his stuff that he kept at my apart­ment in a box and sat it on the front porch, along with a note that sim­ply read, “I love you, and I deserve bet­ter than this.” I texted him to come by and pick up his stuff and leave my spare key in the mail­box. Then I left and went to the gym to can­cel the mem­ber­ship he’d pur­chased for me.

Kee­gan called, and called, and texted sev­eral times over the next few days, but he couldn’t get through to me. I sat on my bed, tears just rolling down my face each time I thought about the breakup, because I wanted him so badly, but he didn’t really take me seri­ously. I was so hurt because I was cer­tain that our rela­tion­ship was over for good. My old friend Kate called me up dur­ing one of those days, and I told her every­thing. She imme­di­ately came over to my apart­ment and hugged me while I cried.

Kate was a good friend when I needed her most; she truly cared for my well-being and wanted me to feel bet­ter. So, she packed a few days’ worth of my cloth­ing and we left. She took me north to her new boyfriend’s cabin resort. It was a beau­ti­ful place, just near the lake with pic­ture per­fect views out every win­dow. It was not too far from local shop­ping and salons where we would immerse our­selves for just a lit­tle while. It was just what I needed—time away, time to clear my mind.