What Happens to a Young Beautiful Woman Who Tries to Make Friends with a Rich Older Man: Part 2

I invited Kee­gan over to go for a run with me. “We could keep each other moti­vated,” I rea­soned with him. After our run, Kee­gan headed home to take care of some things. I reread his orig­i­nal dat­ing pro­file and gave him a call. “You know, I really pre­fer your orig­i­nal dat­ing pro­file. I would totally go out on a date with you,” I said.

Kee­gan didn’t know how to respond; he had three or four other women that were pin­ing for his atten­tion from the dat­ing pro­file that I made for him. Then there was me, the youngest of all of them, and I was ask­ing him out. He agreed enthu­si­as­ti­cally, until I told him about my one rule.

10 dates, no sex—that’s my rule. Take it or leave it,” I said, con­vinced he wouldn’t want to put the time, effort, or money into com­ing up with 10 unique dates in order to have sex with some­one much younger. I needed to put him to the test to see how gen­uine he was.

I’m per­fectly happy with that, if that’s what you want. In fact, I actu­ally love the idea,” he responded.

I was totally floored! I hadn’t expected he would agree to the chal­lenge, let alone like the idea. I hadn’t had sex in ages, so this was going to be just as dif­fi­cult for me. I had a feel­ing Kee­gan was dat­ing a few other women from his dat­ing pro­file at the same time, and he later admit­ted that he was. Not only did Kee­gan have me now, he still had the women who were inter­ested in him from the new pro­file I had cre­ated for him. Talk about a seri­ous win-win for him!

On our first date, I picked him up from work and we went out to din­ner where we both got a lit­tle too tipsy. Then we went to the movies. For­tu­nately, drink­ing and movie the­aters appar­ently have a seda­tive effect, because we were both exhausted and had a headache by the time we left. Know­ing that things could def­i­nitely be bet­ter than this, we didn’t let one bad date hold us back.

Our sec­ond date was much bet­ter; this is actu­ally where we shared our first kiss. It was more like the best make-out ses­sion ever with some­one whose lips were incred­i­bly soft and amaz­ing. I knew then that I was already start­ing to fall for this guy, even though I was cer­tain he didn’t feel quite the same about me just yet. I think he was being overly cau­tious because of my age.

By the time we reached our sixth date, I was dying to jump his bones. I felt like he had proven what a gen­tle­man he could be, hold­ing doors, hon­or­ing my “10 dates with no sex rule”, and just by being a gen­tle and lov­ing man. The more we spent time together, the harder I fell for him, and I wanted him. I wanted him in my life per­ma­nently, and I wanted to shag his brains out every time I saw him.